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Free Online Tawheed Classes

Bismillah-SalamFor serious students of knowledge & those who would like to study sound & authentic knowledge, Shaykh Ahmad Jibril is teaching a free Tawheed course, that is available online to watch and download for free. 

The Three Fundamental Principles (Tawheed course)

Each video session/class is 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The classes are also available in MP3 format.

Classes Links:

Links to all the previous classes, course book and transcribed notes are updated here.

New class links and details about the exam will also be posted here. Those on Facebook, can also follow the updates from shaykh’s Facebook page.


An exam will be held at the end of these classes/course and successful students will be rewarded certificates.

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(more details soon in shaa’ Allaah)


Upcoming New Classes by Ustaadh Fahad

Assalaamu 3Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah

Ustaadh Fahad At-Taahiriyy has launched a new online Project/program “Establishing The Principles”, starting from 1st September 2012 inshaa’Allaah.

All the classes will be starting from beginning including Sarf/Arabic language and are open to all brothers & sisters.

Establishing The Principles”  [see details about this project/program here]

Morphology [Sarf]

Days  : Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Monotheism [Tawheed]

Day    : Saturday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Creed [3Aqeedah]

Day    : Monday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Foundations of Fiqh

Day    : Wednesday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Heart Softeners

Day    : Friday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

To convert time to your time zone:

Time Zone Converter

How to Join Live Classes:

  • Go to
  • Join/Make an account (free)
  • Search for teacher “Fahd At Taahiriyy” or click here
  • Click his profile and click “add as contact”
  • Select option (do you know him) “YES”  & choose option as  “My Teacher”

He will be sending you invitations/links to all the classes.

  • Check your Wiziq’s Inbox and click the link “view complete information”
  • Click “join the class”“launch” (at the time of class)

Important Rules for the Class (click)

Wassalaamu 3Alaykum

New Online Classes by Ustaadh Fahad Al-Tahiri

Ustaadh Fahad Al-Tahiri has started new online Tawheed classes from Beginning. Recording for the past classes is available for all.

He has almost completed the first book in series “The Four Fundamental Principles” by Shaykh-ul-Islaam Muhammad Ibn 3Abdul-Wahhab. Recordings for all classes are available here to download or view.

The 2nd book in Tawheed series is starting from Wednesday inshaa’Allaah.

The Three Fundamental Principles

Days  : Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays

Time  : 5:10 pm [Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time] [5:10 pm (GMT+03:00)]

Links for past/previous classes

The Four Fundamental Principles (recording of classes 1-8)

(scroll down the page to see the links of all classes by ustaadh Fahad)

New Arabic Classes:

Arabic Sarf Classes will begin soon Inshaa’Allaah, with an introduction to understand Arabic correctly. The class will be held on 15th January 2012.

The Paved Way to Professional Arabic (click) (Quotes of scholars on importance of Arabic)

Date   : 15th January 2012 -Sunday

Time  : 5:10 pm [Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time] [5:10 pm (GMT+03:00)]

How to Join Live Classes (click)

Important Rules for the Class (click)

wassalaamu 3Alaykum

Online Classes by Ustaadh Fahad Al-Tahiri

Ustaadh Fahad Al-Tahiri is starting some new Classes from next week inshaa’Allaah. Here is the updated schedule of all the classes.

Sarf  Morphology (Level One)

Days  : Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time  : 4:15 AM [Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time] [4:15 AM (GMT+03:00)]

Sarf  Morphology (Level Three):

Days  : Saturdays, Mondays & Wednesdays

Time  : 4:15 AM [Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time] [4:15 AM (GMT+03:00)]

The Four Fundamental Principles by Shaykh-ul-Islaam Muhammad Ibn 3Abdul-Wahhab

Days  : Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time  : 6:15 PM [Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time] [6:15 PM (GMT+03:00)]

Truth to Embrace Regarding the Woman’s Face:

Days  : Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time  : 8:00 PM [Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time] [8:00 PM (GMT+03:00)]

How to Join Live Classes (click)

Important Rules for the Class (click)

You can listen to the recording of a previous class from the link below:

Sarf (Level One) Class 1 (Principles of Writing 1)

wassalaamu 3Alaykum

Online Tawheed Classes

Assalaamu 3Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah

Ustaadh Fahad Al-Tahiri is starting online Tawheed classes from today, 26th April inshaa’Allaah. The classes are free & open to both brothers & sisters. The first class is just the introduction.

The Four Fundamental Principles by Shaykh-ul-Islaam Muhammad Ibn 3Abdul-Wahhab

Starting from 26th April 2011

Days  : TBA

Time : 6:15 pm [GMT+03:00] (Qatar, Kuwait, Riyadh time)

Here is the link to the class:

The Four Fundamental Principles 1 (intro)

How to Join Live Classes (click )

wassalaamu 3Alaykum

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