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Free Tafseer Course is offering a Free Tafseer course “Tafseer of Soorah Maryam by Brother Bilaal Abdul Kareem. Brother Bilaal is using Tafseer book by Shaykh Mustafa Al-3Adaawee for this course.

“Tafseer of Soorah Maryam

 Tafseer, implementation advice, and a user-friendly way to memorize the aayat/verses as effortlessly as possible inshaa’-Allaah.

Course Details:

  • Videos of  Tafseer
  • Study Guide
  • Mp3 Memorization helper

Course Duration   :  9 Classes

Timings    : Once a Week

Duration : 45 minutes

Course Fee:  FREE

How to Join the Course:

  1. Join the Course (click here)
  2. Watch the video of Tafseer (with the prepared study guide to follow)
  3. Listen to the “Memorization Helper” (mp3/20 minutes)  The Shaykh recites the verses and you recite with him.
  4. (if available) spend a few minutes explaining to your wife/children (or friends) what these verses mean


The classes are pre-recorded so that you can cover the material at your leisure.

More details here

Sign-Up Now:

Click here to join the course.

For any query, contact

wassalaamu 3Alaykum

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