The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

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Ramadaan Resources (1)


Ramadaan, the month of Rahmah, the month of forgiveness is just at our door-steps.

Some beneficial and MUST read notes and links that will help us to get ready for Ramadaan &  welcome it in the best way.

Its never too late to start, let’s strive our best to have a fruitful Ramadaan in-shaa’-Allaah.  (Click the blue links)

A detailed practical advice by Shaykh Salih Al-Munajjid, about preparing ourselves for the arrival of Ramadaan. Click below & do read it.

Prepare For The Arrival of Ramadaan

Another good read to prepare ourselves & feel the importance of this great month. We prepare our homes, when we have a special guest coming over. Now someone more precious, more valuable, more honorable. is coming! how you are gonna welcome it?

Preparing For An Amazing Ramadaan

Some of the common mistakes in Ramadaan, that people are un-aware. Its a good read.

Part 1 here & Part 2 here

This is a must read booklet, “70 Matters related to Fasting” by shaykh Salih Al-Munajjid.

This booklet is available in English & Urdu.

Download in English from here & in Urdu from here

Also, some more E-books are available here on different topics. (Virtues, Fiqh & getting most of Ramadaan, Taraweeh, Qiyaam Al-layl, last 10 days & more).

To get the most of Ramadaan, by organizing ourselves and avoiding the time wasters. here are some good articles & videos.

This is a MUST MUST read!! Personal transcribed notes from a lecture. Tips to manage your time & focus during Ramadaan.

Time Management Tips for Ramadaan

Ramadaan is a special time  & it needs special preparation. To get the best of Ramadaan, we need to have a break from certain things. A Must Read (personal notes from a lecture) click below

Welcoming Ramadaan

These are some personal tips to avoid distraction, that takes away a lot of time, un-noticing & with out realizing. Do read and save your time for 3ibaadah.

Tips To Avoid Distractions During Ramadaan

This is a MUST read for sisters.  

RCTS – Ramadaan Cooking Tips for Sisters 

Different 3Ibaadah & Good Deeds, that can be done in Ramadaan

A short reminder by Shaykh Assim Al-hakeem

A Short Reminder on Preparing For Ramadaan

some beneficial advices from Shaykh Muhammad Hassan, click below

How to Spend Ramadaan

Beneficial advice by Shaykh Nabeel Al-3Awadhi about how to utilize our time during Ramadaan.

Welcome Ramadaan In the Best Way

To be continued in-shaa’-Allaah

Ramadaan Resources (2)

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Ramadaan E-Books

Welcome Ramadaan In the Best Way

bismillahBeneficial advice by Shaykh Nabeel Al-3Awadhi about how to utilize our time during Ramadaan.

A short concise reminder to welcome Ramadaan in the best way.

A must watch!!

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How to Spend Ramadaan

How Do I Excel In Ramadaan

Our Eemaan needs to be renewed and Ramadaan is the best time to renew our Eemaan, our relations with Allaah 3Azza wa Jall.

Do we really long for the pleasure of Allaah, wanting Allaah’s pleasure in every action?  where we stand in our relationship with Allaah?

Reflections on some beautiful aayaat, beneficial steps to feel the sweetness of Qur’aan when we read in Ramadaan & during Taraweeh.

A nice lecture on how to excel and benefit in Ramadaan inshaa’Allaah, by brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari. Brother Abu Mussab works with Jeddah Da3wah Center.

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Time Management Tips for Ramadaan

Preparing For An Amazing Ramadaan


Someone really, really important is coming to visit you. Surely, you would cook, clean, shop, prepare and plan everything for them, well ahead of time. You would make sure they are comfortable and well taken care of. You would ascertain that everything is perfectly ready and adequately in place before they arrive.

Now imagine someone coming to visit you that is even more important than that….more precious, more valuable, more honorable. Wouldn’t you prepare even more and give it the best you got?

Well, the best month of the year, the most blessed and most precious, is coming up. The month that brings the fragrance of Jannah and the sweetness of Eemaan….the tears of Tawbah and the forgiveness of your Lord. And it’s bringing with it a night that is equivalent in worship and reward, to more than a thousand months.

Wouldn’t you want to prepare for that?

Wouldn’t you want to be ready for it with all your heart and soul so that you don’t miss this great opportunity?

They say the more prepared you are for something, the easier it is for you to handle it and the greater the chances that you will be successful at it.

And what better opportunity to prepare for something than preparing for the blessed month of Ramadaan.

This is a month of Rahmah and Barakah, a month of tawbah and istighfaar, a great opportunity for training oneself… to give up your bad deeds and build on your good ones.

So what to do?

Prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for this great month.

The first thing to do is to purify your niyyah from now. You are going to fast because it is the order of Allaah and NOT because it is culture or your family does so, or even because you want to lose weight.

“O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for people before you so that you will (learn how to) attain Taqwaa”.  [soorah al-Baqarah, v:183]

Next, be really excited for this upcoming month and be absolutely determined to do your utmost best and exert yourself for this magnificent month of Forgiveness and Mercy from your Lord.

Race with one another and compete with each other for it.

Be excited. Be energized. Get electrified.

Get all pumped up and feel vitalized.

This is a time when the gates of Jannah are all open. W I D E open.

And all the gates of Jahannum are closed. Yes, alhamdulillaah CLOSED.

And here is a chance for you to get all your sins forgiven.

Get invigorated and motivated. Realize that the month of Ramadaan is a month of amazing 3ibaadah and intense du3aa’. astounding khushoo3 and remarkable hope, sincere tawbah and extraordinary istighfaar.

And it is NOT a month of laziness or sleeping, cooking and feasting, or just being plain grouchy and irritable.

Don’t let the thought of the heat or the long day get to you or dampen your spirit. It is only the Shaytaan trying to play with your mind and spoil this wonderful time for you.

Have full intention from now, to read as much of the Qur’aan as you can.

Love the Qur’aan. Build a close relationship with it. Realize that these are the Words of your Lord….Words that will take you to Jannah, your Ultimate Goal.

Don’t just read it with your eyes. Read it with your heart. Let it sink in your soul. Savor the joy and cherish the delight in reading the Book of Allaah. Taste the sweetness of Eemaan. Don’t be in a rush to quickly finish the reading. Rather, take your time to ponder over the words and understand the meanings.

Don’t think…”when am I going to finish this Soorah? Rather….when am I going to implement this in my life?”

Remember, nothing is sweeter and more pleasurable than the aayaat of the Qur’aan that you can understand.

Prepare yourself to do plenty of sujood… long, drawn out sujood, in Taraaweeh and Tahajjud.

Feel close to your Rabb when you do that sajdah. Realize that this is most honorable position for you…placing the thing you value most, your head, on the ground, humbled before your Creator.

You are the slave and He is the Master. You are the 3abd and He is your Owner.

Resolve from today, to make a lot of du3aa’. Make a du3aa list.

Prepare it from now. And when you sit down to break your fast, or when you stand in front of your Creator in Salaah, in Taraaweeh or in the middle of the night, or any time during the night or day, spread out those hands and ask al-Kareem, the Most Generous, the One Who gives to one and to all.

Make sincere, heartfelt du3aa’ whenever and wherever you can. Don’t let a moment slip by. And don’t forget to be thankful to the One Who gave you everything.

Be ready from now to do abundant istighfaar, lots and lots of it. Do it every single day.

In the darkness of the night, when the whole world is asleep, have full realization, that this is no ordinary time, no time to waste away sleeping.

Ar-Rahmaan is calling. Wouldn’t you want to respond??

So knock on the door of the Almighty. He is al-Ghafoor, the Oft-Forgiver and you are nothing… Just a weak and sinful human being. Bend your head with shame, and cry. Cry like you’ve never cried before.

Ask for His forgiveness. Make firm resolve never, ever, to go back to your sins…never, ever to do those bad deeds again. Go ahead, spread out those hands and be sincere and then be certain He will surely respond.

And most importantly, have firm determination from this moment on, to continue all the good deeds and habits that you will develop during Ramadaan to continue even after Ramadaan is over. Remember, you are not a good Muslim just during a special month of the year.Rather you are a Muslim throughout the three hundred and sixty five days. Use the upcoming month of taqwa and training to coach and develop your nafs, to cultivate virtuous deeds and actions and to give up your bad ones.

Tell me, are you going to let all that hard work of fasting, waking up in the middle of the night, reading all that Qur’aan, standing up for Taraaweeh and prayers, and all that du3aa’ go to waste???

Other tips:

1. Get to know the rules of fasting from now, so that your fasting can be closest to the Sunnah and thus be more beloved and acceptable to Allaah.

2. Clarify any doubts that you may have and don’t be afraid to ask a scholar.

3. Cleanse your heart of any anger, hatred, grudges, etc from now. And forgive everyone. That’s because forgiveness is delayed for the one who has anger and grudge against his Muslim brother/sister.

The Prophet salAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: “The gates of Paradise are opened on Monday and Thursday, and everyone who does not associate anything with Allaah is forgiven, except a man who has had an argument with his brother. It is said: ‘Wait for these two until they reconcile, wait for these two until they reconcile, wait for these two until they reconcile.” (Muslim)

4. Finish up on your Ramadaan and 3Eid preparation, cooking, shopping, etc. from now so that you can free up all the time during Ramadaan for 3Ibaadah.

5. If you are like most people who give their zakaat during Ramadaan, get it all calculated and worked out before the month starts.

To conclude, think positive and have firm resolve. Strive with all your effort to do your best so that this will be an amazing, hair-raising, awe-inspiring, heart-stopping experience of a lifetime.

Your best Ramadaan ever.

Set your goals at the highest.

Don’t settle for anything less than Jannah

And Allaah knows best.

By Asma bint Shameem

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The Month of Qur’aan

A short powerful reminder about the essence of Ramaadan by brother No3uman 3Ali Khan.

Ramadaan, the month of Qur’aan. a worth watch.

May Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3aala gives us the true understanding of His book & open our hearts to love & feel His words. Aameen

How to Spend Ramadaan

Ramadaan is at our doorsteps.  As we prepare for the month of Ramadaan, here are some beneficial advices from Shaykh Muhammad Hassan about how to spend Ramadaan.

A must must watch:

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3Ibaadah in Ramadaan (1)

Qur’aan In Ramadaan

Reading Qur’aan during Ramadaan is one of the best and most virtuous of good deeds, because Ramadaan is the month of the Qur’aan.

Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3alaa says (interpretation of the meaning): “The month of Ramadaan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)” [soorah Al-Baqarah, :185] 

Jibreel used to come to the Prophet salAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam, every night in Ramadaan, and study the Qur’aan with him. (1).

Abu Hurayrah narrated that Jibreel used to review the Qur’aan with the Prophet sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam once each year, and in the year in which he died, he reviewed it with him twice. From this it is understood that it is mustahabb to read Qur’aan a great deal and to study it during Ramadaan. (2)

The Salaf & the Qur’aan in Ramadaan

This is the month of the Qur’aan. The scholars used to leave teaching or attending all other classes in Ramadaan in order to devote themselves completely to the Qur’aan. They used to read Qur’aan a great deal during Ramadaan, following the example of the Prophet sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam.

Qataadah (may Allaah have mercy on him) used to complete the Qur’aan every seven nights all the time, and every three nights in Ramadaan, and every night during the last ten days of Ramadaan.  

Ibraaheem al-Nakha’i used to complete the Qur’aan in Ramadaan every three nights, and in the last ten days every two nights. (3)

Al-Aswad (may Allaah have mercy on him) used to read the entire Qur’aan every two nights throughout the month. (4)

It was narrated from Mujaahid that he used to complete the Qur’aan every night in Ramadaan.  

Al-Rabee3 ibn Sulaymaan said: al-Shaafi3ee used to complete the Qur’aan sixty times in Ramadaan. 

We & Qur’aan In Ramadaan:

In Ramadaan, don’t simply schedule one or two hours for Qur’aan. Do Qur’aan at every living moment that you have, when you don’t have something necessary to do.

For example, when one is not at work, or is not cooking, and not praying, she should be doing Qur’aan. Before Fajr, after Fajr, after 3Ishaa’, any break in between; if free in the daytimes, then all day; between 3Asr and Maghrib; after taraweeh. I.e. whenever it is humanly possible.

If you are working, do it between coffee/tea break, during free time. Every available opportunity, spend it for Qur’aan. Don’t limit yourself. (5)

How to attain the sweetness of reciting the Qur’aan:

 Some Tips:

  1. Sit in a humble manner; in a state of wudoo’. Imagine you are sitting before Allaah & reciting to Him.
  2. Remind yourself and try to feel that these are the words of your Lord, the Creator of the heavens and earth. And and how blessed we are to have such access to them.
  3. Begin with Istiaadah (seeking refuge with Allaah from Shaytaan).
  4. Read in a slow and melodious way.
  5. When you read/recite aayah (verse) about Jannah, pause and ask for it. When you recite any aayah about the Hellfire, stop & seek refuge from it.
  6. Make sajdah at-tilaawah when you recite a verse of sujood.
  7. If the verse says to make tasbeeh, stop and make tasbeeh (subhaanAllaah).
  8. Imagine that Allaah is personally speaking to you in each and every aayah. If you did not concentrate in an aayah, repeat it. (6)

Suggestions & Tips for non-Arab speakers:

  1. If you can read the Qur’aan, read the aayah in Arabic then the translation in your language.
  2. If you can’t read properly, then listen and repeat each verse after the tape. After completing 1 page, read the translation.
  3. If you cannot recite Qur’aan at all, then beg Allaah to bless you with the ability to recite it fluently. You should listen to a Qur’aan tape/CD, then read the translation and then read the tafseer. (7)

Make Big Goals:

  • If you can finish the whole tafseer (Ibn-Katheer) in Ramadaan, go for it. (its takes around 6 hours to complete the tafseer of one Juzz’).
  • Make a journal & write what you benefit from, write the verses/soorahs that touch/effect you deeply & read the tafseer of those verses.
  • Memorize a Juzz’ or 2 Juzz’ in Ramadaan. [e.g., Juzz’ 3Amma (last part) or 29th Juzz’]
  • Read the whole Qur’aan with translation, verse by verse & write the meanings of the words that you find new or difficult. this will help to improve your vocabulary of the Qur’aan & Arabic inshaAllaah. (8)


Complete the Qur’aan in 30 days (easy & simple way)

Complete the Qur’aan in 15 days

Complete the Qur’aan in a week /7 days

Word to Word Dictionary


Main Source “Reaping the Fruits of Ramadaan” course & other sources.

(1) Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5; Muslim, 4268
(2) Al-Bukhaari (4614)
(3) AlSiyar 5/276
(4) Majaalis Shahr Ramadaan by Shaykh Ibn 3Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) p. 65.
(5)(6)(7) Excerpt from course “Reaping the fruits of Ramadaan”
(8) Based on the above lecture & lecture “How to Benefit from Ramadhaan Practically”

Living Ramadaan: Goals and Aspirations



If one was to embark on a business project, they would study the project, plan it, define its goals, have an agenda, know exactly what they want to accomplish with this project. This is a fundamental principle.

Shouldn’t the people of deen (us) who want Allaah’s pleasure, be the first to use this principle, when our goal is Jannah/paradise!!

Before the arrival of Ramadaan, we need to define/set up our goals & define the ways to fulfill/reach them.

1st Goal

Our hearts should truly yearn for Allaah’s Rahmah:

Every day & night of Ramadhaan, Allaah’s Rahmah (mercy) descends upon some people & we should sincerely yearn/desire for it from the bottom of heart. 

It can change your life forever in a way you can never imagine. We must understand that we are in dire need of Allaah’s Rahmah. We won’t get in Jannah without His Mercy. There is no survival without Allaah’s Rahmah..

2nd Goal

Consciously intending & desiring Allaah’s Forgiveness for all our sins:

Prophet SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: “Whoever fasts Ramadhan with Eemaan and Ihtisaab (seeking Allaah’s reward), will be forgiven all his previous sins.” (1)

We should be fasting with Eemaan (faith) in submission to Allaah because He ordered us to do so & we should have Ihtisaab (consciously taking account of our selves) hoping for Allaah’s reward.

Remember that we should be doing the actions for Allaah. We shouldn’t be doing acts routinely like robots just for the sake of it. Fasting is not just about refraining food/ drinks and things that He made Haraam during the day but you must be conscious because this is indeed Allaah’s order. We want to feel this feeling: “I am doing this because You ordered us. You are my Master and I am Your slave. I will follow your order. and i will consciously wait and yearn for Allaah’s reward. This is ihtisaab.

3rd Goal

Desiring Protection & Freedom from the Hellfire:

Prophet sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: “Whoever fasts one day for the sake of Allaah, Allaah will place between him & the fire a ditch as (large as) the distance between the heavens and earth.” (2)

Every night in Ramadaan Allaah sets people free from the Hell-fire. 

Think/imagine if you are from people of fire !!!

We have 29–30 nights in Ramadaan to be freed from the Hellfire. We can’t afford to be lazy. Throughout the Ramadaan, every night, beg & make du3aa’ to Allaah to free you from the fire.

4th Goal

Allaah to boast to His Angels about us :

Prophet sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam said: “Ramadaan has arrived to you a month of Barakah, Allaah envelops you (with His mercy & blessings). so He descends His mercy, erases the sins, answers the du3aa’ and watches in (this month) your competition/race for goodness and He boasts to His angels about you. So let Allaah see the best from you, for truly the miserable one is the one who is prevented Allaah’s mercy.” (3)

Allaah will boast to the honourable angels who just worship Allaah all the time and never tire or feel lazy in their worship of Him, about people by name.

5th Goal


Fasting will intercede for us on the Day of Judgement. Imagine you are standing on the day of Judgment, & you see all your sins, a lifetime of sins in-front of you, you will feel doomed, then fasting will come to intercede for you. 

Prophet sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa salaam said: “Fasting and the Qur’aan will both intercede for the slave on the day of Resurrection. Fasting will say, “O Lord! I prevented him from his food and desires throughout the day, so accept my intercession for him. And the Qur’aan will say, ” I prevented him from sleep at night, so accept my intercession for him. So their intercession will be accepted.” (4)

6th Goal

Removal of the heart’s diseases:

Our hearts have many illnesses. Many we know and many we dont know. We want to remove the love for this world from our hearts. We want to elevate ourselves beyond the material/lowly fulfillment of dunya.

Ibn Qayyim said: “Fasting is a protection against the diseases of the heart, body & mind.”

7th Goal

Establishment of Allaah’s laws on Ourselves (our nafs):

Most of us live in heedlessness except for a few. We follow our nafs (self) which drives us, fulfilling her desires and whims. One has to be controlled by Allaah’s law.

In Ramadaan we are consciously making our nafs feel that Allaah is the One who has authority on us. The nafs is put in its place and made humble. Nafs (self) is like a spoilt child that needs to be controlled. Do not feel sorry for the nafs. Do not give in to the nafs’ whims and desires.

Train and teach your nafs to obey Allaah’s commandment to a greatest degree and don’t allow her to control you.

8th Goal

Establishment of complete manners:

Ramadaan is a training school to train ourselves in manners.  Manners are not according to customs or personalities.  Don’t make excuses for yourself that this is my personality, this is just how I am.

In Ramadaan, intend that this is the time to train yourself.  Think how I shall elevate myself. Imagine the person you would like to be.

Control your behavior & reactions when someone argues with you, Remember you are in state of 3Ibaadah. Prophet sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa salaam said, “Fasting is a shield. So if it is a day where one of you is fasting, then he should not fulfill his desires, nor sin, nor yell, nor behave ignorantly. And if anyone insults him or fights with him, he should say, ‘I am fasting.’” (5)

9th Goal

Training ourselves to be consistent:

Be consistent in good deeds even if they are little. One of the biggest calamity is stopping our deeds. Ramadaan is an opportunity to train ourselves, our nafs to be consistent to do 3Ibaadah/ acts of worships.

Be consistent and increase your 3Ibaadah during the last 10 days. Remember actions are judged according to their endings.  Strive for istiqaamah (steadfastness). Prophet sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa salaam said: “The most beloved deed to Allaah is the most regular and constant even though it were little.” (6)

Summarized from Ramadaan course “Reaping the fruits of Ramadaan” .
(Notes taken by students) 

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(1) Saheeh Bukhaaree & Muslim
(2) At-Tirmidhee, Saheeh ul-Jami’, no. 6209).
(3)  Saheeh Tabaraanee
(4) Ahmad
(5) Saheeh Bukhaaree & Muslim
(6) Saheeh Bukharee, Volume 8, Book 76, # 471

Welcoming Ramadaan

This is an advice that we need because we have a noble, honourable guest coming. Our grand guest is the blessed month of Ramadaan. We need to magnify the symbol of Allaah.

Jabir Ibn 3Abdillaah was reported to have said: “Do not allow the days that you eat be the same as your fasting days, do not make them equal.”

In order to make our Ramadaan different, as it was meant to be, we have to set the stage to welcome Ramadaan. We must have moments of truce/tranquility, we need moments of truce/time off, a break. We need a BREAK from the following:

1. We need to take a break from all sins:

We must be super cautious to cut off sinning in Ramadaan. In Ramadaan, all causes of sin are weaken – the devils are chained, most Muslims around us are involved in good deeds. Masaajid  are full, more people read Qur’aan.

Also your fasting weakens the effect of shaytaan/Qareen flowing in your blood.

2) A Break from Unnecessary discussions & Arguments at home:

If any discussion comes up, decide if you can talk about it after Ramadaan. Try to find a solution to family problems & put it at rest. Don’t allow the problem to stop your Eemaan from growing in Ramadaan.

Set up the atmosphere of love & closeness in Ramadaan, to make it easy for us & people around us to focus on Ramadaan. Have a meeting with your family members to talk about Ramadaan & discuss the principles/plan to be followed in Ramadaan.

(e.g., no TV atleast for Ramadaan, not even for news, no music in car/house, no staying up late at night except for 3Ibaadah, no computer/video games).

3) A Break from too much Food:

Ramadaan is not a month of eating. Be simple when it comes to food. Eating too much makes a person lazy & sleepy. Take a break from too much cooking. Try to cook something simple during Ramadaan. Pre-cook some food & freeze it before Ramadaan. Find out some short cut & tips to prepare the food quickly.

4) A Break from Talking:

Minimize your chat on the telephone. Don’t linger in masaajid to chat. Avoid long conversations as it tend to slip into talking something inappropriate. Use the phone minimally.

Know that every word that comes out of our mouth is either a reward for us or a punishment for us. The prophet sallalaahu 3alayhi wassalam said:”Whoever remains silent is saved.”

Allaah has created one tongue & two ears for a reason: talk less, listen more!

5) A Break from your Beds:

Sleep is a na3mah from Allaah, but Ramadaan is not the time for sleeping. Let your bed rest for a month. Don’t sleep more than 4-5 hours at night (advice of the shaykh). Have qayloolah/nap between Dhur & 3Asr time, as naturally person feels sleepy/lazy during this time.

One of the salaf once stopped by a friend’s house late at night in Ramadaan. He found his friend sleeping. His friend asked him: “what are you doing here at this time of the night?” The Salaf said: “What are you doing sleeping at this time of the night in Ramadaan!”

Have a sincere friend who has a high level of motivation & determination who can help, remind, share & compete with you in good deeds.

6) A Break from People:

If you mix with people, let it be short with those who are strong on ibaadah. They can bring you closer to Allaah. Iftaar parties in ramadaan are getting very common. We have the rest of the full year to do parties & to socialize. Indeed it’s a great reward to break someone’s fast but give food to people who are needy & poor.

7) Peace with Friends/co-workers & Maintaining Family Ties:

Don’t enter Ramadaan with hatred for anybody or allow anyone to have negative feelings on you. Clear/clean yourself from any hatred & negative thoughts. Forgive others & forget.

Bring love & happiness to people close to you (e.g., give gifts, make them happy with you). You should feel nobody hate you, nobody has problems with you. If they still have animosity with you, then leave/ignore it.

We are trying our best to rectify the situation before Ramadaan to devote our heart & mind to Allaah in Ramadaan.

8 ) A Break from Running Around & Long Hours outside the House:

Get all your shopping done before Ramadaan. Make a list of the things/grocery/ items, that is enough for one month & buy it all together, so in Ramadaan you just go out quickly to buy fresh things or get a home delivery to minimize shopping time.

Get your 3Eid things/shopping done before Ramadaan.

9) Give your Mind & Heart a Break from Worldly Things:

Schools are starting, buy things in advance, don’t worry about so & so problems, don’t worry about 3Eid. The big thing is Ramadaan, because we celebrate 3Eid for what we have done/accomplished in Ramadaan.

Give your mind & heart break from thinking about worldly/duniya things.

  • Preoccupy your mind in 3Ibaadah & focus on the Hereafter.
  • Think of new deed you want to do today
  • Think how to have more khushoo.
  • Think of ways you can help & serve other Muslims in Ramadaan.

10) Take a Break from Withholding:

Give lots of charity/Sadaqah in Ramadaan. The prophet sallAllaahu 3alayhi wa ssallam used to be super generous in Ramadaan.

Give, Give and GIVE.

Give in secret as much as possible.

Summarized from Ramadaan course “Reaping the fruits of Ramadaan” .
(Notes taken by students) 
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Prepare for Ramadaan

Ramadaan is less than 2 weeks away from starting and Sha3baan is less than 2 weeks away before ending. Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3alayhi wa sallam paid close attention & gave great importance to Sha3baan & this is the month when deeds are lifted up to Allaah 3Azza wa Jall.

Prepare for Ramadaan: Lecture by Shaykh Hazim Rajab

  • Everything has an introduction
  • Times; deeds are raised
  • Things a person should do in Sha3baan

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Notes taken by student.

Preparing for Ramadaan

Assalaamu 3Alaykum wa Ramatullaah

Ramadaan is just round the corner. Its never to late to start preparing for it. A good reminder and beneficial tips to get ourselves prepared & enjoy Ramadaan at its fullest.

Preparing For Ramadaan

3Ayesha (radhi-Allaahu 3anha) said: “I have never seen Allaah’s Messenger sallAllaahu 3alayhi wa ssallam fast in month of the year more than he did in Sha3baan. He used to fast all of Sha3baan.” and in another narration. “He used to fast almost all of it, except a little.” [saheeh Muslim]

The scholars’ advice is to fast a lot in sha3baan, and increase acts of worship in the same way, by getting up at night for Tahajjud, more Qur’aan, more Dhikr and to make it a month of 3Ibaadah, to prepare ourselves for Ramadaan.

Sweetness of any 3Ibaadah does not come straight away. It requires a lot of patience and striving. We have to start early to taste the sweetness of 3Ibaadah in Ramadaan.

One of the salaf said: “I strove hard to do Qiyaam al-layl (supererogatory prayers offered at night) for twenty years, and I enjoyed it for the next twenty years.”

Before running a marathon one has to do some preparation. In the same way, we need to do some Preparatory/ Warm Up exercises.

1st  Exercise:

We have to renew our Tawbah (repentance) and practice perfecting it. Tawbah is a lifetime affair. We have to clean our hearts from all the dirt, junk and rust of the sins before we decorate & fill them with the beautiful, powerful acts of worship in Ramadaan.

We have to make Tawbah from:

  1. Sins of the tongue (backbiting, lies, slander, speaking to people in an insulting way, making fun of others).
  2. Sins of the heart (show-off, self admiration, arrogance, envy, hatred)
  3. Lack of modesty (in dressing, mannerism, way of speaking with the Non-Mahrams)
  4. Tawbah from pleasing others while its displeasing to Allaah
  5. Tawbah from all the time wasted (in shopping, telephone, long chat, browsing net).

Clean up your heart, forgive others and forget, hoping for Allaah’s forgiveness.

When making Tawbah, remember that there is no sin too great/huge that Allaah does not forgive. Be confident that Allaah will forgive your sins.

2nd Exercise:

Increase your level of motivation by increasing 3Ibaadah (act of worship) during Sha3baan.

  1. Pray/increase the nawafil (supererogatory) prayers.
  2. Pray Duhaa (If you are already praying, increase the raka3h)
  3. Tahajjud (night prayer)
  4. Fast (Monday & Thursday / make up your missed fast)
  5. Morning and Evening Adhkaar (these are protection/shield against Jinn &Shayateen. Do not leave them ever)
  6. Make a lot of Du3aa’ (at last 3rd part of night, accepted times, last hour of Friday)
  7. Read Qur’aan after Fajr.

3rd Exercise:

We need to train our senses (tongue/ears/eye-sight). These are the avenues/ways to the heart. We have to train them to get them used to the act of worship and to refrain from sins.

We have to train ourselves/our nafs to hate the sins. Naturally our fitrah (inborn natural state) hates sins, but we have become so accustomed to sins that we have become numb to them. Prophet sallAllaahu 3alayhi wa ssallam said:”Whoever among you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand (by taking action); if he cannot, then with his tongue (by speaking out); and if he cannot, then with his heart (by hating it and feeling that it is wrong).”  (Narrated by Muslim, 49).

All this is part of cleaning the inside/heart/soul for Ramadaan to take effect & to feel the real sweetness of 3Ibaadah.

4th Exercise:

Train your self to humiliate/break yourself apart before Allaah. Understand that you are in desperate need of Allaah.

Human beings transgress when they feel self sufficient. Teenagers rebel against parents when they feel they no longer need them. Ask Allaah to keep us steadfast upon His Path, we are in desperate need of Allaah to survive in our Dunya and Deen. If Allaah doesn’t keep us steadfast on his way, we can never last!

We are in need of Allaah to fulfill any act of worship. We have to realize ourselves how badly we are in need of Allaah for everything.

5th Exercise

Magnify the (شعائر) symbols of Allaah.

Salaah (prayer), Hajj, Fasting, Masaajid, these are all the symbols of Allaah. We should magnify and elevate the symbols of Allaah. We should not take these acts of worship routinely and lightly. We have to give them their right & take them as something huge/heavy and serious.

Having Ghaflah (heedlessness) is very dangerous to our religion. We must awake ourselves.

Ramadaan is a big symbol of Allaah. It comes once a Year. The doors of Jannah are open, doors of Jahannam are closed, Allaah is boasting to His angels about people, it has “laylatul-Qadr”.

One way to help to magnify the symbols is to get ourselves used to reflecting on acts of worship before we do them. e.g., when you are starting the salaah, reflect and think:

“I am about to pray, I am going to meet Allah, put Jannah (Paradise) to your right and the Naar (Hellfire) to your left, think what if I am on the Siraat (Path over Hellfire on day of Judgement) now?”

The nafs will start talking and reminding you of this and that, say be quiet I am the only one talking now and I am talking to Allaah.

Keep struggling and fighting to have Khushoo (humility and attentiveness) in Salaah and Allaah will grant it.

Summarized from Ramadaan course “Reaping the fruits of Ramadaan” .
(Notes taken by students)

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