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Upcoming New Classes by Ustaadh Fahad

Assalaamu 3Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah

Ustaadh Fahad At-Taahiriyy has launched a new online Project/program “Establishing The Principles”, starting from 1st September 2012 inshaa’Allaah.

All the classes will be starting from beginning including Sarf/Arabic language and are open to all brothers & sisters.

Establishing The Principles”  [see details about this project/program here]

Morphology [Sarf]

Days  : Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Monotheism [Tawheed]

Day    : Saturday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Creed [3Aqeedah]

Day    : Monday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Foundations of Fiqh

Day    : Wednesday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

Heart Softeners

Day    : Friday

Time  : 6:10 pm [Qatar, Riyadh time (GMT+03:00)]

To convert time to your time zone:

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How to Join Live Classes:

  • Go to
  • Join/Make an account (free)
  • Search for teacher “Fahd At Taahiriyy” or click here
  • Click his profile and click “add as contact”
  • Select option (do you know him) “YES”  & choose option as  “My Teacher”

He will be sending you invitations/links to all the classes.

  • Check your Wiziq’s Inbox and click the link “view complete information”
  • Click “join the class”“launch” (at the time of class)

Important Rules for the Class (click)

Wassalaamu 3Alaykum

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