The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

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Got the Winter blues? Make the Most of it!


Winter is here…

The nights are long and the days are short….. the temperatures have dropped and the weather is really cool!

What a perfect time to take advantage of the weather and utilize it to your benefit. You can increase your good deeds, take care of your obligations and earn the Pleasure of Allaah all at the same time!

How? One might ask…Its simple.

Make the most of winter by fasting during its short days and praying Qiyaam during the long nights.

The smart Muslim is always looking for opportunities and ways to increase his good deeds, seek forgiveness from his Lord, and improve his Deen. He values each and every moment of his life, observing his duties to the best of his ability because he is preparing…..preparing for that ultimate, inevitable meeting with Allaah, Rabb-ul-3Aalameen.

And the winter season is one perfect and easy way to do just that.

3Umar ibn al-Khattaab  radi Allaahu 3Anhu said: “Winter is booty for the devout worshippers.”

Meaning, it is easy to gain rewards from Allaah by  striving in worship during winter through fasting and praying than in the summer, which is like gaining easy warbooty without the hardships of war.

Fast during the day

Since the days are short, it is easy to fast. How many of us have days of fasting that we have to make up, either because of sickness, traveling, or just plain neglect and laziness? (May Allaah protect us from that).

And how many sisters have to make up their fasts due to feminine reasons, either from this past Ramadaan or even before?

We all know that making up the days of fasting is fardh on every adult Muslim man and woman and not doing so is a sin.

Straight forward, its an order from Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta3ala. Allaah says:

“The month of Ramadaan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadaan), he must observe Saum (fast) that month, and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number [of days which one did not observe Saum (fasts) must be made up] from other days. Allaah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you. (He wants that you) must complete the same number (of days), and that you must magnify Allaah for having guided you so that you may be grateful to Him.” [Soorah al-Baqarah,v: 185]

Thus, we should hasten to fast the number of days we missed. And what better opportunity than this?

How much easier could it get?

The days are short and the weather is cool, so you don’t really get thirsty or even feel hungry. Allaah, in His Infinite Mercy, is providing us with an easy opportunity to seek rewards from Him. So shouldn’t we take it up?

Abu Hurayrah radi Allaahu 3Anhu that he said: “Shall I not point you to comfortable proceeds?”

People responded, “And what is that O Abu Hurayrah?” He replied, “Fasting in winter”.

Pray Qiyaam ul Layl at night

As for the winter night… is quite….it is long and it is peaceful.

What more could one ask?

A night so calm and so long….. to stand in front of our Lord and beg Him for forgiveness…..ask Him for guidance…..beseech him for His Mercy.

The Prophet SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa Sallam said: “Our Lord descends every night to the lowest heaven when the last third of the night remains, and He says, ‘Who will call Me that I might answer him, who will ask of Me that I might give him, who will ask My forgiveness, that I might forgive him?’”

And he SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa Sallam said: ““You should pray qiyaam al-layl, for it is the custom of the righteous who came before you and it brings you closer to your Lord, and expiates sins and prevents misdeeds.”

3Ubayd bin 3Umayr radi Allaahu 3Anhu said: “It used to be said when winter came: O people of the Qur`aan, the night has become long so you can pray (more) and the day has become short for you to fast.”

Yazeed al-Riqaashi said: “A lot of Tahajjud brings delight to the worshippers, and a lot of thirst (i.e., fasting), brings joy when they meet Allaah.”

So when the cold hits you and the weather gets you down, don’t get discouraged. Instead of sleeping away the night and wasting away the day, look on the bright side and make the most of it. Put this time of year in a whole new perspective. Remind yourself of the many acts of worship and benefits that this time of the year brings with it rather than just focusing on how cold it is.

One of the righteous used to say: “I have never heard the adhaan except that I remember the caller who will announce the Day of Resurrection, and I never see the falling snow except that I imagine the flying pages of the records of peoples deeds (on that day), and I never see swarms of locusts except that I think about the Great Gathering on the Last Day.”

And actually, if we think, the winter is a big blessing from among the innumerable, uncountable blessings of Allaah. He is honoring us by the bounty of His Giving, His Gracious Blessing and His Great Favor, so that we may be able to pray qiyaam, fast during the day and worship Him.

May Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3alaa enable us all to make better use of our winters. Aameen.

Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islâmic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter).” [Soorah al-Nahl, v:97]

written by Asma Bint Shameem

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A Topic we pretend does not exist


Today’s topic is about something we DON’T really want to talk about.


This is a topic we just want to avoid or hope it would go away Although, not thinking about it does not mean that the Hukum (order) isn’t there.
And you know what? It is sad to say that 90% of our sisters are guilty of doing it.

But dear Sister, have you really thought about it?

What does Islam REALLY say about shaping the eyebrows?

It says in “Fataawa al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen”:

Plucking of women’s eyebrows is not permissible. The Messenger of Allaah (pbuh) cursed the one who does it. It is haraam and is not permitted.

The evidence:

1) Abd-Allaah ibn Masood said: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (pbuh) say: “Allaah has CURSED the woman who does tattoos and the one who has them done, the woman who plucks eyebrows and the one who has it done, and the one who files her teeth for the purpose of beauty, altering the creation of Allaah.”  (Bukhaari, Muslim)

2) Removing or plucking the eyebrows implies changing the creation of Allaah, as Allaah tells us that the Shaytaan said: …..and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by Allaah.” [al-Nisa:119]

Can you do it if (you think) it makes you look ugly?

Allaah is Wise in what He decrees for His slaves.Some people are beautiful in appearance and some are not; the entire matter is in the hand of Allaah. It is essential to be patient and seek reward with Allaah, and not to transgress His sacred limits for the sake of one’s own whims and desires.

What about hair on her face (like chin, upper lip, etc.) and the rest of her body?

There is no sin on a woman if she removes hair on her upper lip, thighs, calves and arms. This is not part of the plucking that is forbidden. It is one of the things concerning which Sharee’ah did not say anything, so the ruling is that it is permissible, since whatever sharee’ah did not say anything about, in the Qur’aan or Sunnah, is allowed.

“What is Halaal is that which Allaah has permitted in His Book, and what is haraam is that which Allaah has forbidden in His Book, and whatever He has not said anything about is allowable. (al-Tirmidhi-hasan)

What about plucking the hair BETWEEN the eyebrows?

The Ulama tell us that it is permissible to pluck it, because it is not part of the eyebrows.

Can a woman do it if her husband asks her to do so?
It says in Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daaimah: It is not permissible to remove the hair of the eyebrows because this is the plucking for which the Messenger of Allaah (pbuh) cursed those who do it, and it is a kind of changing the creation of Allaah, which is the action of the Shaytaan. If a woman’s husband tells her to do it, she should not obey him,because it is a sin, and there is no obedience to any created being if it involves disobedience towards the Creator. Rather obedience should only be with regard to things that are good and proper, as the Prophet (pbuh) said.

OK, I am not plucking it. But, can I shape it, cut it, etc. ?

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen said: “It is not permissible to cut the hair of the eyebrows, or to shave it, reduce it or pluck it.This is not the matter of beauty, rather it is altering the creation of Allaah Who is the Best of creators. A warning has been narrated against doing that and the one who does it is cursed; this implies that it is forbidden.

So, this is it.

The evidence is clear. There is no difference of opinion among the Ulama about it.

Plucking your eyebrows is HARAAM….. Plain and Simple

No ifs & buts about it.

The Prophet (pbuh) said it….the Ulama explained it… have been informed about it.
And you have been WARNED.

Now, it is up to youto decide.

Do you want to be the one who ˜listens and obeys?

Or are you going to be like the one whom Allah describes……

“And when Our Verses are recited to such a one,he turns away in pride, as if he heard them not–as if there were deafness in his ear. So announce to him a painful torment.” (al- Luqman:7)

Read the above Ayah carefully.

Surely, YOU are NOT going to be that one.

Then, give it up, my dear Sister. It’s simply not worth it.You look beautiful even if you didn’t pluck your eyebrows. I Promise You.
Don’t let the Kuffaar get to you.
Don’t be the one whom Allah curses.

Imagine! ALLAAH’S CURSE!!!!

Just think! How can anyone expect goodness and success in this life OR in the Hereafter if Allah’s curse is on them?

O Allah…. save us from Your Curse and guide us to the Right Path. Aameen.

by Asma bint Shameem
taken from Dr.Farhat Hashmi’s website
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“Tell them Daddy Is not home!!”


“So you see,” said Hamza’s father as he finished reading the storybook, “A Muslim never lies and always tells the truth. That’s what Islaam teaches us.” 

Just then, the telephone bell rang sharply in the house. As little Hamza ran to answer it, his father called out, “If it is for me, tell them Daddy is not home!!”


This is just one the scenarios in our everyday lives. We claim to be Muslims and unhesitatingly say that we are proud to follow it, but when it comes to putting our words into actions, unfortunately, we are far from it. We teach our children one thing but we do another. We preach piety but we ourselves don’t practice it.

We lie in our everyday lives and in our dealings with everyone yet we are totally unaware of it. There are many of us who, pray and fast, and are the first to criticize others. But our practical lives are full of all forms of lying, fraud and dishonesty. And we see examples of such lying left and right, day in and day out.

And lying doesn’t just mean out rightly telling untruths to someone on their face. Lying includes all kinds of ‘little white lies’, deceit, deceptions and forgery.

So, telling your kid to say “Daddy’s not home’ when, in fact, you are right there is absolutely a from of lying.

And not fulfilling your promises on purpose, when you had the power to do so, is a form of lying. 

And cheating in the exams is a form of lying.

Your ‘friend’ marking you present, although you were absent, is another form of lying.

Faking a ‘doctor’s note’ when in reality, you were not sick, you just overslept or were too lazy to go to work or school is also lying. 

Telling the cop that your wife is having surgery or your kid is sick, (or whatever else excuses one can think of) when he pulls you over for speeding is also lying. 

Dishonesty in your business dealings as well as in your interaction with others is lying.

Giving false witness is one of the gravest forms of lying.

Making a false claim that your injury happened at work, although it didn’t, so that you could get compensation is lying.

Pretending to be of low income and applying for government aid, although you are not in need of it, is another form of lying and deception.

Forging or altering university certificates to get a job or visa, is just plain and simple, lying and fraud.

Altering a bill to ‘save’ some money or for insurance purposes or some other kind of personal gain is also trickery and deceit.

And the list goes on and on…….


We forget that 3Ibaadah doesn’t mean just praying and fasting. TRUE 3Ibaadah includes our ‘Mu3amalaat’, how we deal with others, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, our manners and our behavior.

We forget that lying is one of the MAJOR SINS.

The Prophet SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa Sallam said:

Shall I not tell you of the greatest of major sins?

They said: “Yes, O Messenger of Allaah.” He said:

Association of others with Allaah,  disobedience towards one’s parents” – and he was reclining, but he sat up and said: “And false speech and false witness.”

And we forget that lying is one of the signs of the hypocrites.

The Prophet SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa Sallam said:

The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks, he lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is entrusted with something he breaks that trust.” (al-Bukhaari, Muslim)

We also forget that any apparent ‘gain’ that we get from all these forms of lying is not actually any gain at all.

Actually, any money that we earn or save is all haraam because we didn’t earn it lawfully. And it is one of the reasons why dua is rejected by Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta3ala.

Remember the Hadeeth of the Prophet SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa Sallam:

Then he mentioned a man who had been traveling for a long time and was disheveled and dusty; he stretches out his hands towards the heavens and says, ‘O Lord, O Lord’, but his food is haraam, his drink is haraam, his clothing is haraam. He is nourished by haraam, so how can his du’aa’ be accepted?” (Muslim)

And one of the biggest harms of lying is that it leads to Hell-fire.

The Prophet SallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa Sallam said:

“Beware of telling lies, for lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to Hellfire. A man will keep telling lies and striving to tell lies until he is recorded with Allaah as a liar.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Thus we as Muslims, must learn to recognize the different forms of lying as we come across them. We must realize what being truthful really means. It means speaking the truth and saying and doing things that reflect reality. We have to remember the gravity of sin involved in lying and strive to the best of our ability to tell the truth under all circumstances, no matter what the outcome.

If you fear Allaah, He will find ways out of all difficulties for you and provide for you from means you never even imagined.

“And whosoever fears Allaah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allaah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allaah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allaah has set a measure for all things.”

(Soorah Talaaq:2-3)

Isn’t the above ayah enough reminder for us??!!

“O you who believe! Be afraid of Allaah, and be with those who are TRUE (in word and deeds).” [soorah at-Tawbah:119]

‘Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt, for truthfulness is certainty and tranquillity, whilst lying is doubt and confusion.” (Saheeh- al-Tirmidhi, al-Nisaa’i, and Ahmad)

by Asma bint Shameem

(original Title: The different forms of lying)

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