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Sisters Arabic Free Lessons

Pre-Recorded Arabic Lessons


[A] Learn To Read Lessons Series:

In this series you will learn to recognize the Arabic alphabet, the sound of the Arabic letters, and how the letters appear in Arabic words, in-shaa’-Allaah.

(click below to see the video. The videos are uploaded on the site server itself)

1. The Arabic Alphabet

1. Practice Sheet from أ to خ
2. Practice Sheet from د to ش
3. Practice Sheet from ص to ق
4. Practice Sheet from ك to ي
5. Practice Sheet for Recognizing Letters in Words
6. The Arabic Alphabet Song (No Music)

2. The Confusing Letters

3. Short Vowels

4. Arabic Numbers 1-20

5. Arabic Numbers 20-100

6. Long Vowels with Alif

[B] Forming Sentences & Basic Arabic Grammar

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Updated on Wednesday, 21 Dhul-Hijjah 1435H – 15th October 2014


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