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Qur’aan Memorization Classes (Doha Qatar)

Memorization Classes for Boys & Girls (in DOHA QATAR)


  • Please call at the given numbers for any query or questions.
  • I may not be able to answers each comment

(1) Markaz Al-Furqan

Qur’aan (& Hadeeth) Memorization for boys

Full Time:

Days         : Sunday – Thursday  (Friday Off & Saturday Half day)

Timings   : 7am to Dhuhr salaah  and 3Asr  to 3Ishaa salaah

Evenings  (half time):

Days         : Evenings

Timings   : call the center for further details.

Location : Muaither

Contact person: Shaykh Habibullaah Ilyas

Tel   : 4480-5485

Mob : 66633088 / 77330880

Map to the Markaz (click to enlarge)

(2) Qur’aan Memorization Program at Masjid Ansar

Days         : Sunday – Thursday

Timings   : 6am – 11am & 3pm-9pm

Location : Masjid Ansar at Al-Muntazah Street (Rawdat Al-Khayl)

Between Muntaza Plaza Hotel & Al-Meera Market


 Contact Person: Mohammad Sa3eed (Mob: 5538 6736)

Direct  Contact:  Shaykh 3Usaamah (Former Imaam of the Masjid)

Pick & drop service  available

Map to the Masjid (Click to enlarge)

(3) Qur’aan Memorization Markaz

Location : Azeeziyah

Contact person: Shaykh Muhammad Iqbal

Mob : 5518-4319

Map to the Masjid (Click to enlarge)

(4) Hamad Bin Khaled Institute 

Location: 3Ain Khaled Area

Map to Markaz/Institute

Google Pin

25.239921, 51.467171


Jazakum-Allaahu khayran to all who have shared the info with us.


Memorization Classes For Girls

(1) Qaai3dah Nooraaniyah  & Memorization @ Maryam center (click)

(2) Memorization classes @ Hamad Center (click)

(3) Memorization classes @ Mozah Center (click)

Updated on Saturday , 16 Rajab 1437H – 23rd April 2016

Comments on: "Qur’aan Memorization Classes (Doha Qatar)" (98)

  1. Shamil Imamudeen said:

    Could I know if this is for girls as well?

  2. this is for boys only.
    will be adding info about Qur’aan memorization for girls insha’Allaah

  3. Timings: how many hours per day? 5 days in a week? can we choose the time?

  4. Its 5 days a week. For more info please contact at the given mob. number.

  5. altaira said:

    assalamualaykum, i tried to call the one in Aziziya area but not able to reach the contact person. I want to know if there is quran study or memorization for girls during the summer holiday in these places.
    very much appreciate your reply. thank you.

  6. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    Sister Zahraa’ Center is having some memorization classes for ladies & girls. You can call them and ask for details.
    see the map & contact number here:

  7. assalam u alikum w.w

    do u know about any quran centers in dubai?

    jazakALLAHu Khair

  8. wa 3Alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    sorry sister, I dont know, but you can contact a sisters halaqah in Dubai. They have classes (tafseer, aqeedah) etc on a regular basis. They can help you inshaa;Allaah.

  9. ishrath said:

    Assalam Alaikum…….. can you please met me know the age accepted for boys in these centres???

  10. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    Please call the contact persons for age info. As far as I know Markaz Furqan accepts boys from age 5-6 years.

  11. mohamatha said:

    Assalamu alaikum.Can you let me know where my 6yrs old boy can memorise the holy Qua’an.We are living in Al Rawda area.Which centre will be close to us?

  12. wa alaykum assalaam sister Mohamatha.

    Please check with the big masajid in your area. Most of the big masajid have memorization circles, held under Awqaaf. I will try to get some contact details of Awqaaf and update inshaaAllaah.

  13. jazakkallahu khairan.Insha Allah We’ll check with the near by big masjid.Mean time please get me the contact persons name or ph no. if possible.

  14. Aoa do they teach kids,my son is 5yrs old want u charge fees,for transport & course.plz help me.waiting for reply

  15. Zahraddeen Aminu musa said:

    Assalamu Alaikum, pls i want know from how many years or month you admit a chirld

  16. @ Zarhaddeen Brother

    Wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    Please contact the brother at the given number to ask more details. As far as I know, they admit a child starting from age 4/5 years. Please call the brother for confirmation.

  17. @ sister Nasreen

    We are just sharing the information. Please call at the given number for more details about fees, transport etc. If I get more info, will update here inshaa’Allaah.

  18. Assalamu alaikum! is there any quran memorisation circles for girls in saudi-arabia.riyadh

  19. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Please can you get the contact number of Quran memorisation circle in Al Rawda area.
    Jazakallahu Khairan.

  20. Wa alaykum assalaam wa sister Mohamatha

    sorry for the late reply. I will see if I can get the number for memorization center in Rawda area. jazaana wa iyyakum

  21. Wa alaykum Assalaam sister jaza

    sorry for the late reply. There will be centers in Riyadh. Try to call the Da3wah department/council and ask them. I will see if I can get any info about it inshaaAllaah.

  22. My kids of age 8 and 7 boy nd girl not attending the school because of rp . Like to join themftremor Quran memorization classes in the mornings…is there any school or centres I can make them join?

  23. sister Zaneeja

    sorry for the late reply. For boys, please call Markaz Al-Furqan. They have morning classes.
    For girls, please try Mozah Center. There is a new center Al-Fajr Center, I will update about it soon.

  24. As salaamu alaykum.
    Please, I am looking for Tahfeez classes for Ladies and Girls in Umm Salal Muhammad area. Do you know of one in this area?

  25. is it for Men .. Aged group 33-35 years of age ?

  26. abdul jejote said:

    I am from New York and looking to move yo qatar to study the quran , can anyone please help me.

  27. The number of masjid in muntazah. Is wrong plz giv the rt number

  28. Sister, I will try to ask the person, who sent me the information, to get the new number. will update as soon as I get the new number inshaaAllaah

  29. Assalamualaykum…. Is there any qur-an memorization center near bin omran for non arab boys? Please help…. May Allah reward you all for the guidance…

  30. wa alaykum assalaam sister Wahida

    Aameen to your du3aa.
    very sorry for the late reply. Please check with the main Masajid near your house. Many Masajid have memorization programs for boys under the supervision of awqaaf.
    If I get any information, will inshaaAllaah let you know.

  31. Aslam u alaikum. Please help me.Can tell me any jamia in riyadh for girls for non arabic speaking girls for the course of alima and tuition fee ,convance .plese give me reply hurry.jazakallahu khairan

  32. aslam alykum, do you know any madrasa in AL-Safa? please reply JZK

  33. tell me the best memorization ,madrasa who help my 11 year child to complete quran memorization within one year

  34. in riyadh

  35. Assalam o alikum
    Please let me know is their any tehfiz center in bin omran my son is 4.5 and daughter 3years.

  36. As Salaam u Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahee Wabarakatuhu,

    I will be visiting Doha In Sha Allah soon for on-site interview. I would like to visit Hifz Marakiz in Doha during this time. Pls. advice on how should I plan this.

    JazakAllah Bil Khayr.

  37. wa 3Alaykum assalaam sister.

    sorry for the late reply. where is Al-Safa?

  38. assalaamu alaykum brother Yousha

    There must be many centers in Riyaadh for memorization. Please check with your local Masjid or call awqaaf for more information, If I get any info, will inshaaAllaah update here.

  39. Salma Shaikh said:

    As salaam ailaikum
    I am salma Shaikh and Currently I am at riyadh and I want to learn Arabic and want to memoriaze Quran with meaning. So please give me some details about this.


  40. mohamed ahmad rashid said:

    as asalam aleykum,

    i want my son who is almost 4years old to learn quran and i want to learn arabic aswell and quran. father n son… i need some thing near olaya area. please help.advise…

  41. Wa alaykum assalaam Brother

    You can check with main Masjid in your area. Every Masjid has some arrangements from Awqaaf for teaching Qur’an. You can also try to get a private teacher for your son.

  42. Wa alykum assalaam sister Salma

    You can check with the awqaaf there about any memorization and Arabic learning centers.
    I will try to get some informations from a sister In-sha-Allaah

  43. Best place for hifz quran for 4-6 yrs old boys is Al Rayaheen for Quran memorisation. Timing are 7:30 am till 11am. Its at exit 7 behind Al Falah mosque Riyadh.

    For sisters willing to learn arabic and islamic courses, Dal al Zikr is recommended.

    For brothers interested in learning Arabic, evening classes at imam bin saud university Riyadh are quite useful if taken 2 years complete.

  44. rafeyirshad said:

    as asalam aleykum,
    i would like to know is there any transport facility
    if any please tell
    early as possible

  45. assasalam aleykum
    is there any transport facility for boys

  46. asslam o alikom could i know i am shezan i have a sister 5 year old she has vizit visa but she born in qatar can she join this madrasa

  47. plz reply me soon

  48. wa 3Alaykum Assalam

    sorry for the late reply. was away from work. If you mean the Markaz Furqan, that is for boys only. For girls, you can either try Maryam center or Mozah center. They all have classes for children.

  49. wa 3Alaykum Assalam brother, very sorry for the late reply. was away from work.
    No there is no transport facility provided

  50. Umm e Aakif said:

    Assalam-o-alaikum sister!

    I want my son 5 years old to hifz Quran inshaALLAH. Can this be done while continuing his school? Are the timings mentioned above are for a full-time hifz program or this is time range, like my child can go anytime?

    Also, can you give any idea, how many years will it take to hifz Quran with school? and are there any masajid/shaykh who are known to be better choice or all masajid under Awqaf run under same levels of supervision?

    Are they strict with children or allowed to punish here in Qatar?

  51. Assallamu allaikum brother,
    I need quran memorizaing class for my children.location :old airport road, if you have any contact kinldy guide mobile no. is 66772263

  52. abdul afeez onasanya said:

    Am from nigeria , an I wanna learn quran memorization. How can I get admission into your school

  53. abdellatif said:

    asalamo alaicom min fadlicom orido taalim ibni alquran walakin ana bi italia hal momkin abra linternet an yata3alama ma3acom.jazakom allaho khayran

  54. Imam Malick Cham said:

    Ash Salamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

    My name is Imam Malick Cham From The Gambia in West Africa. I will be 29 years old by 20 of September coming Insallah. I am high school graduated year 2004 at Saint’s Augustine High School and an Assistant Crane Operator from 2004 to 2008 at Gamsen Construction Company and under-contract at Gam-Petrolium Storage Facilities whilst working for Gamsen Construction Company and then working at my sister food store from 2008 to 2011 and the business was closed because the business was very slow. Am Single and never married.

    I really see that am wasting at my age, can’t even read the Holy Qur’an correctly and know very few verses in the Holy Qur’an. that’s why I want to leave my country and search for knowledge.

    I ask Allah forgiveness for all the wrong things i do at the pass and will not do it again like listening to music,going to night club etc. I want to memorize QURAN by Allah and start searching on line,free Quranic memorizing out of my country and found yours. Please help me by Allah to study at your center. I definitely want to memorize Qur’an by Allah and come back to my country and help others and do dawa Insallah but i don’t have money to pay.

    I have to stop here and Hope to hear from you as sooner as possible and thanks for reading my message.
    Thanks Once Again.

    Best Wishes and Regards
    Imam Malick Cham…

  55. ummeAakif said:

    Check global quran memorization program at islamiconline university

  56. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    sorry for the late reply.
    Akhi may Allaah help you and grant you tawfeeq to memorize HIS Book. The information about Qur’aan centers here, are for locals here. I am not aware of any center who provides visa and accommodation.
    You can either try with IOU memorization program or with any private teacher. Or try to be in a group/circle/class with other students.
    Make du3aa’ to Allaah to make easy for you to find a good center for Qur’aan Memorization

  57. wa 3Alaykum assalam brother

    You can do online memorization from here

    wa iyyaakum

  58. Akhi, we are just sharing information about different centers for locals (Qatar based) for boys. You can try to find an online course or class for QUr’aan memorization.

    Try here. Its IOU’s Qur’aan program

  59. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam

    You can find from Jami3ah Masjid (main /big) Masjid in your area. Every Area have centers and marakiz for boys, approved from awqaaf. will add you to our mailing list too, to receive updates about different courses and classes

  60. Abdul Malik said:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Im working 5 days a week 9am to 7pm, and i have previously memorized 8 juzz, I have the passion and desire to complete what i started. So please advice me of the possibility of me joining this Quran memorization class…


  61. Mrs.Mohamed said:

    Assalamu alykum,

    My only “Hajath” is I wanna make my kids as “Haafiz”, in the mean time I would like to educate them also.
    Could you please let me know about your organization. will it help my kids in this way? kindly
    please advice me..
    Anxiously awaiting your early reply

  62. nur hidayah said:

    I’m nur hidayah.
    I want to join the hifz quran class.
    Hostel will be provided or not? I’m malaysian and now studying in egypt

  63. Naimul islam said:

    I am Jahirul islam Father of Naimul .have you any opportunity to addmit My so for the Hafiz in quran?

  64. Naimul islam said:

    Assalamoalikom! Im from Sweden. Can i join this hifz quran class? I WANT to be Hafiz, Can i start this hafizi quran class?

  65. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam

    These are not online classes. You can join IOU’s Qur’aan memorization program, that they started recently.
    please click here for details.

  66. Assalamu alaikum, i would like to know whether the markaz furqan still in muaither or they shifted the location?could not find out…we stay near masskar. Is there any other place nearby?

  67. Wa 3Alaykum Asslaam Brother

    Please contact at the given numbers and check with them. Last year they were at the same place. But I didn’t get any news if they moved to another location. Please contact them directly & update here also.

  68. Adepoju Rafiat said:

    Assalam alykum, just want to know if there is any tahfiz center in wakra for non arab speaking girls.

  69. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam,
    sorry for the late reply sister.
    There is a center Markaz Abdullaah Abdul Ghani in Wakra, which is one of the best center in Qatar. Its for Arabs, but if your daughter can understand a bit of Arabic, you can register her there.
    There is a center in Old Airport Area, I will update about it soon in-shaa’-Allaah

  70. Salam. Are there any Quran memorisation center for adults (men)? I know the ladies can attend Markaz Maryam.

  71. Wa alaykum assalaam Brother

    Sorry, I don’t have any information. YOu can check with Main Masjid (Jami3ah Masjid) in your area. I will try to find info about it in-shaa’-Allaah
    Meanwhile you can try IOU’s online Qur’aan memorization program. It has different levels & pace groups.

  72. salaam, Any quran memorization for boys near umm slal ?

  73. wa alaykum assalaam

    sorry for the very late reply. There may be some places there. You can check with the main Masjid (Jami3ah Masjid) at your locality. Awqaaf has Qur’aan memorization programs in many marakiz & masajid.

  74. suleman habeeb said:

    asslamualikum brother do you have quran learning centre for kids in rawda near embassy school
    jazakAllah khair

  75. Abu Anas said:

    Assalamu Alaykum, I just want to ask if this Markaz Al-Furqan still accepting new students for memorizing Qur’an. I have 4 boys, age: 10 yrs old (5 juz already memorized), 9 yrs old (3 juz memorized) 8 yrs old (2 juz Memorized) and 6 yrs old (beginners). Please need your soon reply, I’ve been looking long time ago for this markaz. I’ve heard all the students in this markaz become excellent and can easy memorize and this is the best tahfid qur’an in Qatar for boys (kids). Jakamu Allahu khairan kateeran…

  76. Wa 3Alaykum assalam brother Abu Anas

    Please call at the given number for all details.
    Yes Markaz Furqan is very famous and excellent but I do not have any recent updates about it.
    jazana wa iyyakum

  77. Rehan Khan said:

    Where is the location? City and country?

  78. Ishrath said:

    Assalam Alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu. Please let me know if any quran memorization center for kids in old airport area or rawdha.
    JazakAllahu khair

  79. adnan salman said:

    I am from India and I want to learn Arabic and memorise Quran plzz help me and I am 17 years old

  80. As salam
    I am from malaysia.
    I am looking for awqaaf centre for my 20 boys student aged 13 years old.they are now memorising quran at the average 10 juzuk up to date..our plan to send to any mosque or awqaaf center that can accept them so that they can mastering arabic and understand the quran…so in future they can deliver yo ummah..i also looking for exchange student programme at your contry so they can gain experiance and explore the culture of the living of brothers around the world..jazakallah.hope to hear ftom you.tq

  81. These are centers for Qatar/Doha

  82. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam brother Adnan

    You can either enroll in a part-time Qur’aan memorization center or join online Qur’aan and Arabic classes, depending on your commitments and ease.
    You can check our Arabic Resources page for online classes and courses.

    I will be updating this soon with more information in-shaa’-Allaah

  83. Wa alaykum assalaam sister Ana

    sorry for the late reply, as I was away from work.

    Please note that we are not affiliated with any center/organization. we are just sharing information about different centers to make it easy for all.
    You need to contact the awqaaf directly for any student exchange program or sending students to other countries.
    Please contact Fanar to get more information.

    or email the awqaaf directly. you can do a google search for Qatar Awqaaf numbers/email.

    jazanaa wa iyyaakum

  84. Salam alaykom, I am looking for a private quran Tahfeez center near Al-Waab area or Abu Hamour for my 5 years old son. He can speak Arabic but I prefer centers and not those affiliated with Awqaf.


  86. i want to know learning quran school in alwakrah

  87. assalamualikum wr wrb
    i have a son 4 years is completed he is studing in LKG
    pls I need help any hifz e quran center in riyadh (BATHA)
    jazallahu kairan

  88. As salamu alikkum, my son is 7+ . Can he join this class

  89. Assalamualaikum,
    I’m looking for (1year duration)quran hifz program for 8year old boy & girl.Pls let me know if any available.

  90. you can make them join

  91. To teach your children islamic education and hifz quran in Riyadh, following is the information:

    For boys/ girls 4-6 yrs only: ( Morning & Evening Session)
    Al Rayaheen Program/ Centers
    Over 11 centers in Riyadh
    Contact ( Arabic speaking): 0555612279/0559585397/0508159529/0555612884

    Female teacher for young children/girls :

    Male teacher for boys:

    Al Arqam Quran memorisation for girls ( Evening)

    Male teacher for boys:

  92. Assalamalaikum,
    Is there any quran memorization school for boys in malaz or hara

  93. Assalamalaikum,
    Is there any quran memorization school for boys in malaz or hara.plz guide me.

  94. Aoa,

    I wish to get my 4.5 y old daughter admitted for quran memorization. We live in olaya area. Could any one guide me with the same.

    Jazak allah khair

  95. Mohammad said:

    For girls close to Olaya ( Riyadh), kindly visit

  96. Mohammad said:

    For boys during morning Quran memorisation center:

  97. jazakAllaahu khayr brother Mohammad

  98. Assalamu Alaykum. What age do the hifz centers accept boys. Can i put my son for full time hifz at the age of three or four. And then start school. Would any arabic school accept my kid considering his age. In Qatar.

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