The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

Maryam Center


Maryam Center was established in Safar 1427/ March 2006 with the aim of spreading the message of Islaam in different languages.

It offers a variety of programs for Arabs & Non-Arab English speakers.

Courses For Non-Arabs Ladies

Qur’aan & Tajweed Program

1. Qaa3edah Nooraaniyah Course

Course Duration:  September 2016 – May 2017

Classes : Twice a week/ Morning sessions

Registration FeesQR 650/- (full course)

Registration: Monday, 18th April 2016 ( 7:30 am until seats are full)

2. Tajweed Course with Memorization (level 1, 2 & 3)

Course Duration:  September 2016 – May 2017

Classes : Twice a week/ Morning sessions

Registration FeesQR 650/- (full course)

Registration: TBA

3. Memorization (Hifzh) (Different levels)

Course Duration:  September 2016 – May 2017

Classes : Twice a week/ Morning sessions

Registration FeesFREE

Registration: TBA

Arabic Morning Program (Different Levels)

Different levels of Arabic from beginners to advanced

Course Duration: September 2016 – May 2017

Classes : Twice a week/ Mondays & Wednesdays

Registration FeesQR 650/- (full course)

Registration: Thursday, 21st April 2016 (7:30 am until seats are full)

Qur’aanic Arabic (level 1, 2 & 3):

Basic grammar of Arabic in an easy way with help of many exercises & examples from the Qur’aan.

High Level: Grammar with Tafseer

Course Duration:  September 2016 – May 2017

Classes : Thursday Mornings (8:00 – 10:00 am)

Registration FeesQR 350/- (full course)

Registration: Thursday, 21st April 2016 (7:30 am until seats are full)

Weekend Arabic Course:

Course Duration:

Classes :

Registration Fees

Registration: TBA


Weekend Girls Program

1. Qur’aan program for girls

Age groups : 6-14 years

Course Duration: September 2015 – May 2016

Classes : Thursdays (5:00 pm -7:00 pm)

&  Saturdays (8:30 am -10:30 am) 

Registration: CLOSED

2. Islamic Studies  for girls (5 groups)

Age group : 5-6 / 7-8 / 9-10 / 11-12 /  13-17 years

Course Duration: September 2015 – May 2016

Classes : Saturdays- 10:45 am -12:45 pm

Registration: CLOSED


Islaamic Courses for Urdu Speakers

1. “Kitaab at-Tawheed” Course:

Studying the book “Kitaab at-Tawheed” by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn 3Abdul-Wahhaab

Course Duration: September 2015 – May 2016

Class Timings: Every Thursday Evening [4:30 – 6:30 pm] 

Registration FeesQR 200/- (full course)

Registration: CLOSED

2. “Tafseer Juzz 3Amma”:

Course Duration: September 2015- May 2016

Class Timings: Every Tuesday [10:15 am- 12:15 pm] 

Registration FeesQR 200/- (full course)

Registration: CLOSED

3. “Saheeh Islaami 3Aqeedah”: 

By shaykh  3Abdul-3Azeez bin 3Abdullaah bin Baaz

Course Duration: September 2015 – May 2016

Class Timings: Every Sunday  [10:15 am- 12:15 pm] 

Registration Fees: QR 200/- (full course)

Registration: CLOSED


Islaamic Courses for English Speakers

1. “Join the Companions Around Prophet Muhammad”:

Hear stories with scholarly comments & analysis detailed about the prophets companions & relate those stories to your own life.

Course Duration: 12th November 2015 – 12th May 2016

Class Timings: Every Thursday 10:00- 11:30 am

Registration: OPEN

Registration Fees: QR 200/- (full course)

2. Stories of Prophets & Messengers in the Qur’aan:
Course Contents:
  • The 25 prophets mentioned in the Qur’aan
  • Explanation of the basic Arabic Grammar & Conversation

Course Duration: 12th November 2015 – 12th May 2016

Class Timings: Every Thursday 4:30- 6:30 pm

Registration: OPEN

Registration FeesQR 300/- (full course)



Tel : 4450-530

Mobile: 5529-1785 / /3389-8510


Map To Maryam Center

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Updated on Wednesday , 6 Rajab 1437H – 13th April 2016

Comments on: "Maryam Center" (81)

  1. […] Easy explanation with examples from the aayaat of Qur’aan. This is almost the same online version of the classes held at Maryam Center. […]

  2. nasreen abdulqadir said:

    very nice site specilly for non arabs Allah will give reward on the day of judgement,

  3. as wrwb

    Ma sha Allah! I wish I lived here so I could take these classes.

  4. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh

    sister khadija, I will be adding information about online classes & courses insha’-Allaah. though it is not same as attending classes in person, but these are easy to access & excellent for those who can’t attend the classes.

    coming soon insha’Allaah.

  5. online version of the classes held at Maryam Center. said:

    Asalamu calaykum warahmatulllahi wabarakatu. sisters and brothers in islam. I would like to know the website at this program if you could let me know please email me .
    JazakumuAllah. um Yunis

  6. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    sister are you asking about the online classes or about the website for maryam center?

  7. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu
    Why there is no mention of urdu aqeedah class which is twice a week ?
    As far as i know registration is still open.
    This class was very popular last year and this year also students just wait for Tuesdays and thursdays to grow in knowledge.Interested sisters can contact maryam centre or can directly come at 9.00am on tuesdays and 9.30 am on thursdays.
    Jazakallahukhairan kaseera

  8. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah sister

    The Urdu class was just missed while updating the page. Jazakillaahu khayran for bringing to our attention.
    will update right now inshaaAllaah. Yes, the registration for this class is open

    BarakAllaahu feeki

  9. Azleen Azaidah Abdullah said:

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    I am very much interested in taking up Arabic Program. Unfortunately, I was late to be part in any class with those English speakers. May I know, when is the next new registration will be open?

    Jazakallahu khair.

  10. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh

    Sister new registration will be in September next year inshaa-Allaah. you can join the Qur’aanic Arabic course at Maryam Center.
    The class is held every Thursday mornings (once a week).
    You can also join 3Aqeedah & Tafseer classes, held after the Qur’aanic Arabic class.

    Jazaanaa wa iyaakum

  11. mashallah, very,very excellent.jazakallah khair

  12. Alhamdulillaah alone, Jazaana wa iyyakum

  13. Azleen Azaidah Abdullah said:

    Jazakallah for the information.

  14. JazanAllaahu wa iyyakum

  15. assalamualikum i am new to qatar i wanted to know the list of claases in ur center opening from march 2012 with registration dates for i am interested to join.. jazakhallah khair

  16. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    Registration for most classes will open in May-June 2012 & the new classes will start from October 2012.
    you can still register for thursday Islaamic studies classes.

    will keep you updated inshaa’Allaah

  17. Assalamualaikum
    i hv got this mail from maryam centre

    Please note that due to several requests, the timing for the Thursday morning Islamic Studies course for ladies in the Urdu language, has now been moved to Thursday afternoon ( 5-7pm ) .

    This will now enable many working sisters to join the course which is a beginners level Tawheed course, and which already started in October 2010. The first class at the new timing will begin tomorrow on Thurs 5th January at 5pm.
    please update your website.

  18. Mrs.Shumaila Rizwan said:

    right now are there registration open in weekends girls program(both)or next month?
    what’s the fee? i wanted to enroll my both girls(age 6-10) & i called on given number but no one reply (pick the phone)
    pls give update for those both programs (Quraan Class 4 girls) & (islamic studies 4 girls)

  19. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah sister

    jazaana wa iyyakum
    Registration for girls program is closed. Registration is taking place once a year as these courses (Qur’aan & Islaamic Studies) are one year of duration. Registration for new classes for new students will be done around June 2012 inshaaAllaah.

    Please contact Fanar as they also started a girls program on Saturdays & it was started in January 2012. Hope you can enroll your daughters for that program.
    will keep you updated about registration and other info inshaaAllaah.

  20. Mrs.Shumaila Rizwan said:

    Jazakallah khaira sister!

    inshallah my duaghters’ll joined you in june…no problem…pls update about that course’s open date on page…i’lll be in touch with you through this page …

  21. Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu
    Good news for urdu speakers.Maryam centre has arranged classes on A to z of Ramadan .Tuesday morning 19th june and 26th june 9 to 11 am.And for those who want to come in the evening 20th june and 27th june 4 to 6 pm .Lets take this opportunity to make this ramadan better than the last one in terms of reward from Allah subhanahu wa ta3la.

  22. amina khanum said:


    My daughter is 4 years old and I’m interested in enrolling her for Quran classes. Is there no course at Markaz Maryam for this age grouo? Currently she is enrolled in the weekend classes at Fanaar but since i live in Abu Hammour it will be a lot more convenient for me to have her attend at Markaz Maryam

  23. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa rahmatullaah sister Amina

    Mayram Center has quran classes for girls, starting from age 6 & onward. You can call them directly at the given number for more details. They may think to open a class for this age group if there is enough demand and registration.

  24. Salamu alaikum
    Jazakallahu khairan. i did not understand ‘TBA’

  25. waalaykumassalam its TO BE ANNOUNCED i think

  26. @ sister Aisha

    TBA means To Be Announced
    Jazaakillaahu khayran @ sister Asra.

  27. is there class for the arabs

  28. Yes, there are classes for Arabs. Memorization classes and different lectures & courses by shuyookh

  29. Assalamualaikum,

    What about your islamic programe for girls aged 13 to 15.when will it open for registration?
    Awaiting an early response,


  30. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    The Girls Islaamic Studies program at Maryam Center will open next year for registration. Will add your email address to our mailing list to get the updates inshaaAllaah.

  31. aisha mohammad said:

    Asalam o alaikum . .
    I want some info abt aqeeda course . . Wat is regestration fees of aqeedah course?
    And busus are available or not?
    Waiting 4 reply . .

  32. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah sister Aisha

    The registration for 3Aqeedah course (in english) is 150 Qrs.for the whole year (October 2012-May2013).
    The center doesn’t provide any bus service, you can check with other sisters/students & InshaaAllaah you will find a way for your transport.
    or you can arrange transportation with a female driver.

  33. aisha mohammad said:

    Jazak allah . . =]
    Can u tell me the fees of arabic conversational course? . .

  34. bintsalem said:

    Please let me know about the online course. Jazakillah khair.

  35. assalamu alaykum sister BintSalem

    Which online course sister?

  36. Assalam alyekum
    want to know the timings for quran tajweed class.

  37. wa a3Alaykum Assalaam

    Tajweed classes are held twice a week. All classes are in the morning. They have a structured course for Tajweed starting from Qaa3idah Nooraniyah. Each level has placement test. For now, there are no classes due to summer & Ramadaan.
    Please call Maryam Center for more information.

  38. Aoa,my daughter is 4 yrs old non-arab. I want to make her start Quran. Do you have any classes of tajweed for her age. Plz guide, since we are new here?

  39. shazia anees said:

    Im very happy to know about this centre it help me increase my deen

  40. Assalam a3leykoum,
    Do you know if there are still availabilities for Arabic classes ?

    Jazakah Allahkheir, Nadia

  41. Alhamdulillaah sister

  42. wa alaykum assalaam sister Anum

    very sorry for the late reply. I don’t know of any center having classes for young girls. You can either send her to a private Qur’aan teacher. Maryam center has classes for girls starting from age 7 years.
    Please feel free to contact me for more info.

  43. Sri rahayu said:

    Assalammualaikum warahmatullah….

    Can i register for my children, girls 13 years, for arabic weekend class now ? Because i read, registration starting on 21 september 2013.

    Thank you

  44. Nabeela Mahmood said:

    can I register my children in January 2014?

  45. Assalam alaikkum …….can I register for my child 14 yrs old for islamic studies now?

  46. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam sister

    sorry, the registration is closed. The registration takes place once a year, after Ramadaan. I will add your email address to our mailing list to receive all updates and notification.

  47. wa alaykum assalam sister

    Maryam Center only takes registration once a year. They are in the middle of their academic year and having Mid-term exam.
    will add you to our mailing list to receive all updates by email.

  48. Ssabeen Siddique said:

    when your registration started for the year of 2014. please let me know when it will start so that i can register myself. JazakAllah

  49. minaambaasir said:

    Asa, I have visited marium markaz personally n tried calling at the given number but no1 answers the phone n no 1 opened the gate..what are the timings when I can get info? Even the dates above are not updated..everything is 2013.kindly please give some info on your website it is so inconvenient. Jak

  50. minaambaasir said:

    Asa, I am interested in arabic conversation course..Form 11 sep 2014. Kindly, please keep on updating your website.thanku.jak

  51. Nagma Manzoor said:

    How to do registration, it is not online

  52. Rosalyn Jores said:


    I have sent email inquiry on how to register. I am hoping for your kind response.

  53. assalaamu 3alaykum Nagma,
    No its NOT online.

  54. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam sister, Maryam Center will reply you directly. Another program for non-arabs is starting, offering many classes and courses, you can read here the details.

  55. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam sister
    sorry for the late reply, as was away from work.
    Maryam center has opened registration for Arabic and tajweed classes. but they do Not have any conversational course. Its a general language course.

    Another new program for non-arab sisters is starting its registration soon. They have their Arabic curriculum which focuses more on conversation.
    please see details here

  56. i see al firdaws is not having saturday classes.. will maryam center still offer the saturday classes? im afraid saturdays are my only available day as i have work.

  57. Is it too late to register ???

  58. Is the Arabic classes open to men or only for ladies?

  59. The classes are only for ladies.

    Fanar is offering Arabic classes for men. Please contact them. the registration is still open

  60. nazia ali said:

    Gud may Allah help you with his best rewards

  61. Fatima Muhammad said:

    Islamic studies course in nowadays?

  62. As salamu alikum
    Is there any website or facebook page or any similar means where the reminders and the course details (ongoing & future) are updated regularly

  63. wa 3Alaykum assalaam,

    you can join our page on facebook or follow us there.
    I can add your email address to our mailing list, to keep you updated about new lectures or courses.

    This page is updated, whenever there are new courses/classes

  64. Check Alfirdaws program.. They have a regular Thursday Islamic studies classes going on. New people can also register

  65. sister Fatima
    sorry for the late reply. Al-Fajr center have a weekly Islamic studies class going on. They are starting fiqh of taharah & salaah from the coming Thursday. I will send you details by email & add you to our contact list.
    Please save this email address to your contacts (

  66. wa 3alaykum Assalam Brother Adeem

    You can follow us on our facebook page

    or subscribe to our mailing list. Normally, we regularly update the site, but sometimes, due to short notices from centers, we share news by emails only.

  67. Hafeez Ahmed said:

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Please let me know when classes will start for Tajweed course for my daughter and wife, I am searching for weekend classes. Do you know any cetnre near Al Wakrah.

  68. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam,
    please see the updates and news for ladies classes. Registration will be next week for all ladies classes.
    For more info, please call the center directly

  69. Assalam o alaikum . I am looking for quran tafseer classes in English . Can u plz guide me where can I find them in Doha . I live in Al. Waab.

  70. Sana rafe said:

    as salam u alaikum,
    I wanted to know how young can a kid start memorizing Quran?? My daughter will soon be three but i want her to start memorizing Quran..
    Hopefully you can clarify..

  71. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam sister

    It depend on the child ability, mother’s efforts, environment and resources provided to the child. The most important thing is the tawfeeq & Fadl from from Allaah azza wa jall. Every child is different than the other. The sooner, you start the better.

    The first step is teaching the Qai3dah.
    Teach her Qai3dah Nooraaniyah , thats the basic of Arabic alphabets. Keep playing the CD, so she can repeat and copy the alphabets and letters of Arabic language.
    You can also keep playing small soorahs like, soorah Al-Ihlaas, soorah An-Naas. Kids copy and memorize very well by listening.

    Also, get advice from experienced teachers & mothers.
    and Allaah knows best

  72. asalamu alaikum , Kindly add my email to your mailing list for the new course update my email-id is Jazak Allahu Khair

  73. Asallam Walaikum

    I am 5 months pregnant is there any lectures or classes held like what dua’s and prayers can be done during pregnancy.

    Looking for your response.

    Jazak allah

  74. Hi
    I would like to know if there is any Quran lesson for adults lady at night.


  75. Assalamu alaikum kindly inform me whether you have noorani qaidah course for 3 year old and also when is the next session going to start

  76. assalamu alaikum..
    can i know whether there is admission available now in maryam centre????? reply soooon..

  77. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam sister,

    The registration for new courses is open now. you can visit the center & register. sorry for the late reply

  78. Assalamu alaikum sister…
    Thanku for the reply..
    I hv registered in maryam.centre..but they havnt informed about the opening dates….of classes
    I hv registered for arabic and quranic arabic classes…can u pls inquire n inform…????

  79. Iram Fatima said:

    I want register for my 4year old daughter to learn quran and arabic – kindly provide me the contact for such center as soonm as possible please.

  80. Raiham said:

    Assalamu alaikum…
    Wen will the classes open for the courses ????i hv done the registration..
    Pls do reply…

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