The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

Ahmad Bin 3Ali Center

Markaz Ahmad bin 3Ali is a Tahfeedh center, having Tajweed & Qaa3edah Nooraaniyyah classes for Arab & Non-Arab sisters through out the week.

There are three levels of Tajweed & two levels of Qaa3edah Nooraaniyyah & the classes are held in English language.

There are also memorization/Hifdh classes for Non-Arab ladies.



Duration: 4 months

Timings: TBA

Fees: 300/- Qr.

Registration: OPEN


Timings: TBA

Registration: TBA



Tel. No:  4479-0869

Map to Ahmad Bin 3Ali Center

In Gharafah (coming soon)


Updated on Sunday, 25 Shawwaal 1434H/1st September 2013


Comments on: "Ahmad Bin 3Ali Center" (24)

  1. Assalamualaykum

    May I know what time is the tajweed class on sunday and tuesday?

    What is the prerequisite to join the class?

  2. Wa 3Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmatullah

    The classes are in the morning 8-10am but please call them at the number provided, to recheck about the timings & other details.

  3. Shahidah Payne said:

    The number is actually 447 90869

  4. corrected the number. Jazakillaahu khayran

  5. zara akbar khan said:

    plz can anyone provide more informative address and few landmark location to reach there.

  6. Asalaamu alaikum,pls give me details regarding the regular school for hifz quran and other subjects for my daughter she is 4 and half years old

  7. As Salam alarum .i have request when u r going to start tajweed class for non Arabs.please mail me soon I really want to join the class.jasakallahkhair. Ashfi.

  8. Wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    sister Ashfi

    What i heard is Markaz Ahmad bin 3Ali no longer do the classes for non-Arabs.
    You can try to register with Zahraa’ center or Maryam Center.

    Maryam Center did the registration last week, please call to ask if there is any seat available.
    jazaana wa iyyakum

  9. asslamu alaikum. i tried to call most of the centre’s , but not able to find any quran memorization classes.either no seats or no classes…pls help to find any such classes.pls inform me about any weekend fiqh classes

  10. Wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    sister Zaneeja

    Sorry for the late reply. IF you can understand little Arabic, you can join Maryam center for memorization. They have classes for ladies, in the morning & evening. Please call them and see if there are places in different levels.

    About weekend classes, Mayram center has recently started a tafseer & Qur’aanic Arabic class on Thursday evening. If you want to join that inshaAllaah. Currently there are no fiqh classes in any center as per my info.

  11. amathullah said:

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu..
    sister i would like to know whether there is tajweed,qaidah ,quran hifz classes for my daughter 7yr old and 3 yr old in gharaffa after school or weekends?is their transport facility ?we are from india but can i hoin my kids in arab classes so that they can lear arabic too?

  12. Assalamu alaikum I have a 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son and I have to let them attend Quran Learning classes from the beginning. Here in doha jadeed they teach for only boys. Can you please guide me to any nearest center to Doha Jadeed for my son and daughter aswell. We are Indian family. wassalam

  13. let me correct few things posted in my previous mail. I said “here they teach……” means the local mosque. and we are urdu speaking Indian family

  14. Mohammad Jafar Ali said:

    Assalam o alaikum.
    Please update and send us the on going programs, it may be helpful to us.
    Jazak Allah Khairan. Jafar

  15. Umm Ammar said:

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullah
    sister I would like to know whether the admissions are still open in ahmed bin ali center ..I have two daughters 7 yr old and 4 yr old..whom i want to join for hifz and noorani qaaidah classes and when should I approach them..Jazakallahu khairan

  16. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t well. I will inshaAllaah call them and update about admissions.
    You can inshaAllaah register your daughters in Maryam Center. They will take the new registration in June for next year (September-June 2-14).

  17. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t well. I will add your email to the mailing list inshaa’Allaah to receive updates about ongoing & upcoming programs
    Jazanaa wa iyyakum

  18. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    sorry for the late reply. There are Qur’aan learning classes for girls in Mozah Center & Maryam Center. There are some other centers also.
    For boys Qur’aan classes, there is a center “Al-furqan Markaz” that offers memorization course (full or part time).
    YOu can check the details at this link.

  19. Please let me know the location of Ahmed Bin Ali Quran Recitation Centre, Doha Qatar

  20. sorry fort the late response, please call at the no. given for directions to the center, I will try to make a map to the center inshaAllaah.

  21. Can you please let us know your exact location in Garaffa?? Are there Quran tajweed classes for non-Arabs??

  22. I tried calling the above number for directions but the ladies on the phone do not speak English

  23. I would like to know when is the registration for non- Arabs going to begin ?? What will be the timings of the class ?? Where is your location ?

  24. Tarannum Jahan said:

    Are there any Quran classes for boys 5 yrs n above…..n where is ur exact location…???

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