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Centers for Non-Arabs

 Centers for Non-Arabs in QATAR

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Important Notes

  • Click the centers’ name (blue) to read all the information and contact information.
  • Please call/email the centers directly. we are not affiliated with any center and hence are not responsible or able to help in any admission process.
  • This blog is not the place to advertise your job/teaching skills. All such comments will be deleted.


مركز مريم ابنت عمران

(in Abu Hamour /Ma3moora area)

near Grand Shopping Center/Abu Hamour Petrol Station



فنار – مركز قطر الثقافي الأسلامى

(near souq Wafiq /Al-Corniche)


Al-Kauthar Institute

(near souq Wafiq /Al-Corniche)



مركز الزهراء لتحفيظ القران

(moving to a new location)



مركز ‏فتيات المستقبل‬

(Luqta Area)

 near Luqta RoundAbout



مؤسسة حمد بن خالد لتعليم القرآن الكريم

(3Ain Khaled/behind Thursday-Friday Market)



مركز ضيوف قطر

(near Immigration Roundabout)



مركز موزة بنت محمد

(Al-wa3b Area, near Al-wa3b signals)



مركز ضيوف قطر – فرع النسائى

(near Immigration Roundabout)



مركز احمد بن على






(Al-Hilaal Area)

near The Mall


Updated on Saturday , 23 Shawwaal 1436H – 8th August 2015

Comments on: "Centers for Non-Arabs" (143)

  1. nasreen abdulqadir said:

    i found this website is so use ful,specially for non arab

  2. Alhamdulillaah… Its all from Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3aalaa.

    may Allaah accept it from me & make it beneficial for all.
    Remember in your duaa

  3. farida Bibi said:

    I would like to have some information about the arabic classes-time and place.
    My husband and I would like to join -we are nonarab

  4. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    sister Farida
    Maryam Center will be starting Arabic Morning classes for sisters. I am sending details about the classes to you by email.

    For brothers’ classes, please check with Fanar, at Tel: 4425 0290 / mob: 5522 1986.

    Jazanaa wa iyyakum

  5. Asa

    Where is the best place to learn Tajweed and improve Qiraat. Are there any teachers who provide one to one tuition?


  6. Wa 3Alaykum assalaam sister

    You can attend Tajweed classes at Maryam or Az-Zahraa’ center. The registration is closed at Maryam Center, but you can still enroll for Tajweed classes at Zahraa’ center.
    The classes are taught in Arabic, but it won’t be difficult insha’Allaah & this will help you increase your Arabic also.

  7. Jzk. Do you have the number for Az-Zahraa’ centre? Unfortunately have not been able to find the number on the web.

  8. The contact number is added to Zahraa’ page, will be updating other info soon insha’Allaah.

  9. assalamualaykum

    I have been searching for Islamic Studies Class in English for my daughter age 9 and son age 5. My daughter went to the class previously in Malaysia and I really wants her to continue learn in Doha. Unfortunately the class is already full in Maryam Center and Mokhza Center. Do have any other center? I also want to start to send my son age 5.

    JazakaLlahukhairan for the information.


  10. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam

    There is a weekly Saturday program “Q-Mysap for girls & boys, but don’t have any updates about it. will be updating as soon as I receive any new info about it inshaAllaah.

    There is one Qur’aan program for boys held in a Masjid. will be posting about it by this week inshaAllaah. Keep on visiting for updates.

  11. thank you…looking forward for your updates.

  12. Salaam

    I have managed to contact Q-MYSAP. Thanks.


  13. Asak

    Could you please tell me about Quran classes for boys? I have two sons aged six and four whom I would like to learn the Quran. Jazak Allah

  14. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    Please see the updated page for Children classes.

    will be adding information about more programs insha’Allaah.

  15. assalaamualaykum sister, i’m from singapore and dont speak arabic. i find this website is very beneficial. May Allah rewards you for your good effort. InshaAllah. wassalamaualykum.

  16. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullaah

    Alhamdulillaah, May Allaah accept it.
    Ameen to your du3aa.

  17. Jameylah said:

    As Salaamu Aleykum wa Ramatullaah
    What country are these centres in?

  18. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

    These centers are in Qatar.

  19. Shireen said:

    Are these centers still existing at present.?I was searching for islamic centers for non-arab & i was directed to this page. I am really interested to learn & hope that someone can help me.Shukran JazakAllah khair.

  20. yes, these center are still existing alhamdulillaah & offer different courses & classes through out the year. But the centers are off in Summer & Ramadaan.
    All these centers will re-open after 3Eed inshaa’Allaah with new courses and classes.

    Currently QGC-Ladies section is having an Arabic course for ladies. You can get more info from here.

    will add your email to our mailing list to keep you update inshaaAllaah.
    jazaanAllaahu wa iyyakum

  21. As Salaam Walekum

    I want to learn Quran, Arabic, Tajweet, Qirat. i am new in doha, so please brothers can any one guide me. i am living in Matar Qadeem near Doha bank ( airport branch), as i am now here i don’t have car. If any Classes near by please send me the details.

    May Allah Bless us all
    Allah Hafiz

  22. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    Brother, please call Qatar Guest Center to check about classes.

    You can ask the Imaam of the Masajid of your area, to help you in Tajweed & Qiraa’ah. Every area has some masajid, with Imaam appointed by the Awqaaf to teach Qur’aan & Tahfeedh.
    will update & post, if have more information inshaaAllaah.

  23. aslamalikum sister, ramadan kareem, can you please tell me about any Qur’an explanation or tafseer class starting after ramadan in english?

  24. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah sister

    For now I dont have any idea if there are any Tafseer classes in English, but will let you know if I get any information inshaa’Allaah. Brother Fahad might start some online Tafseer class inshaAllaah. will keep you posted.

  25. jazakAllah for reply, do they have tafseer classes in urdu then? and any Quranic Arabic courses offered in Qatar? i prefer in English but Urdu will work too (i have already checked the online ones)

  26. A weekly Urdu class/halaqah is taking place at Al-Bikhaari Masjid by Shaykh Shameem. will be updating about it after Ramadaan inshaa’Allaah.

    Maryam Center also have a weekly Urdu Tafseer+Aqeedah class in the morning. Fanar also had some Courses for Urdu speakers. will check with them for updates.

    Maryam Center offers Qur’aanic Arabic courses (different levels). All courses and classes will start after Ramadaan inshaaAllaah. keep on checking for updates after Ramadaan.

  27. A weekly Urdu class/halaqah is taking place at Al-Bikhaari Masjid by Shaykh Shameem. will be updating about it after Ramadaan inshaa’Allaah.
    Maryam Center also have a weekly Urdu Tafseer+Aqeedah class in the morning.

    Fanar also had arranged some Courses for Urdu speakers. will be updating after Ramadaan.

    Maryam Center offers Qur’aanic Arabic courses (different levels). All courses and classes will start after Ramadaan inshaaAllaah. keep on checking for updates after Ramadaan.

  28. I am interested in Hifd, Tajweed and Arabic, I am a Sister from UK, where would you recommend me to study at and do they cater for accommodation etc?

    Jazaakh’Allaah Khayr

  29. Dear Sister
    You can join Maryam Center for Tajweed & Arabic. They have structured courses for Arabic & Tajweed. For Hifdth you can either join the Tahfeedh centers or you can join Zahraa’ Center. they give tajweed with Tahfeedh classes.
    The centers do not provide accommodation.
    will be updating about all the centers inshaaAllaah soon.

  30. Jazaakh’Allaah Khayr

    May Allaah (swt) Bless you greatly for the information you provide us free of charge, and may it prove to be heavy upon your scales of Good deeds on Yawm al-Qiyamah

  31. jazaana wa iyyakum
    & aameen to your du3aa’

  32. Salam do you know any centers in Jeddah have just moved to Jeddah and dont know any one yet.Jazak Allah Khairan

  33. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah sister

    I have heard about Jeddah Da3wah Center in Jeddah. You can contact them & hope InshaaAllaah they can give you more details.
    Their contact no. & map

    will try to find out information about other centers inshaaAllaah.

  34. jazak Allah Khairan I will Insha Allah contact them soon .

  35. Salaam alykum sister,
    Could let me know of a center that offers quran classes to non arabs but also offers transport…Jazzak Allah

  36. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah sister

    I am sorry sister, I don’t know about any center providing transportation. Make du3aa’ to Allaah and join any center for Qur’aan and Allaah will open a way for you. There are many good sisters who help others with the transport. You can see if any sister lives near to your area and can pick & drop you.
    jazaana wa iyyakum

  37. this is very good

  38. farhat asif said:

    Assalam o alaikum sister

    Can you please inform me that when Dr. Farhat hashmi is coming to markaz maryam. i heard that she is coming in the end of february 2012. kindly can you add my email on markaz maryam mailing list so i can get their updates.


    Assalam o alaikum

  39. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    Dr. Farhat hashmi may come in near future to Qatar but there is no confirmed news about her visit in February. will keep you updated inshaaAllaah about her visit to Qatar.

    will forward your email address to Maryam center to get their updates.
    jazaanaAllaahu wa iyyakum

  40. My son is 6years old and I want to teach him Quran with Tajweed .Do you know any classes here for non Arabs

  41. Assalaamu 3Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah

    you can contact these centers/masjid to check about Tajweed classes.

    will try to get information about classes for boys & update you inshaa’Allaah

  42. Salam alaikoum,
    I ve juste arrived in Doha since a few weeks, and looking for Arabic classes and islamic/tajiwid classes.
    Do you knoz where I can enroll ? I have heard that there are Arabic classes at Qatar Foundation, and islamic courses at Markaz Moza. Can you give me more details? thks
    Salam alaikoum

  43. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    welcome to Doha sister. Many centers hold Arabic classes for Non-Arabs. Maryam center offers structured Arabic & Tajweed courses but now they are in the mid of their acadamic year. The registration for new classes will start in June 2012 & the classes will start in Ocotber inshaa’Allaah.

    Markaz Moza has islaamic courses for Arabs (in Arabic language). If you understand Arabic, you can join Markaz Moza or Zahraa’ center.

    Fanar (QICC) may start a new batch of Arabic classes in April, will keep you updated inshaa’Allah.

    Maryam Center holds a special halaqah (Circle) for Islaamic Studies on Thursday. The registration for that program is still open. They have Aqeedah, Tafseer, Hadeeth & stories of the companions. more details here

    will add you to our mailing list to keep you updated inshaa’Allaah

  44. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Thank you for taking time to reply.
    I will go today incha allah to Markaz Maryam and Markaz Moza.
    Otherwise, I confirm that Arabic Sessions are starting from April 8th in Al Fanar.
    For those who are interested, there are dars:
    – Every Wednesday at Masjid AbdulWahhab, after salate el Icha, with Cheikh AlMoghamssi
    – Every Thursday, with a different speaker every week, same masjid.


  45. slm alaykum, akhawati, there is no arabic summer classes except at Fanar? I can not find!
    thank you very much.

  46. Wa 3Alaykum assaaalam sister Nour,

    No, there are no other classes except in Fanar during the summer. All the centers are closed for Summer & Ramaadaan and will start new batches & classes afer Eid inshaaAllaah. please keep on visiting for updates.

  47. ishrath said:

    Assalam alaikum. Do you know any centers for brothers? Which has tajweed classes

  48. wa alaykum assalaam

    As for now, i do not have any info for tajweed classes for brothers, but inshaaAllaah, will check about it & update you

  49. maszleen said:


    where can i send my 5 years old daughter to learn quran reading? And is there any arabic class for children at her age?

    Appreciate your help.


  50. Assalamu Alikum,
    I am on visit to qatar for 4 months, my 5year son was doing hifz and i want him to continue that in qatar also. Where can i enroll him for his hifz. He knows english but not arabic.

  51. @ sister Maszleen

    Maryam Center admits children, starting from age 6 years. There is a newly established group for toddlers & young children, starting from September. I will update you once I get all the details inshaaAllaah.

  52. Asak, Where can i attend quaran translation & explaination classes at al huda centre which is in and around al saad, al naseer street.. I am a non arab and dnt have the means of transport. Thanks!!

  53. najmalayeek said:

    assalam alaikum
    i am new to qatar and i want my 5 year old daughter to continue reading her basic quranic letters(qasidah noorani).I called all the centers and they are full for this term i guess… but till then i would lyk to know if some one can come home and teach her till i enroll her in any center by next the term.
    Appreciate your help

  54. assalam alaikum
    I am new to qatar and i want my 5 year old daughter to read quran…..i tried calling the centers but they are full i guess……..i just wanted to know if some one can come and teach her till then….

  55. wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah sister Najma

    A new center is opened that are starting classes from December, I dont know if they have classes for girls. You can call and check inshaaAllaah, Their contact number is 4417-9306.

    I will send you an email, with some numbers for private teachers for Qur’aan
    will update more inshaaAllaah, if I get information.

  56. Assalamu alaykum sister. Are there currently any classes in Al Khor? There are a few of us here who would love to go somewhere close to home. I heard there is a Qatar Guest Center, wondering what kind of classes they have there. Jazakallah khayr in advance.

  57. @ sister Nazzy

    Yes sister, there is a Center in Al-khor teaching Qur’aan and Arabic language. I will send you the details soon about it inshaaAllaah.

  58. Jazakallah khairan sis. Please do. Very happy to hear this. 🙂

  59. hassan raza said:

    Assalam u Alakum! i am new here in doha i want to learn and speak arabic language, as i am muslim so i can read Quran Alhamdulillah in good manner.. kindly tell me the institute where i can learn the arabic language within short time period. JazakAllah

  60. Asalamalikum, can you please help me finding a female teacher who can to my place in old airport area to teach Quran? JazakAllah khair

  61. *come to my place

  62. wa 3Alaykum Assalam wa rahmatullaah sister UmmAhmed

    will try to get some numbers inshaaAllaah. Please remind me again if I dont get back to you

  63. mrs shah said:

    Dear sisters we are offering online arabic spoken classes for children&ladies.For ladies the class is on sun.tues&thurs.frm10am to 10:30 am.for kids its in the evening.pls visit our website for further details .jazakAllah khair

  64. Assalamualaikum,I’m non arabic I want to learn arabic conversation please give me information arabic class open course, contact person and which near? I live in old airport…

  65. Munir Ahmed said:

    assalam alaikum
    which is the right age to start memorizing the quran, where is institute in qatar, what is the requirement, fees….etc. is my 3.5 years old daughter eligible for this? we are non arabs but i like to see her as a hifzul quran,

  66. Munir Ahmed said:

    assalam alaikum
    which is the right age to start memorizing the quran, where is institute in qatar, what is the requirement, fees….etc. is my 3.5 years old daughter eligible for this? we are non arabs but i like to see her as a hifzul quran

  67. I want information for non arab kids what type of course u are introducing.

  68. nuzhath khan said:

    Kindly guide me how to start with my 8 yrs old daughter, wanna c her as Aalima and hafiz al Qur’an….

  69. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa rahmatullaah

    Brother Munir

    The first step is to teach the kids the Arabic letters & correct pronounciation. There is a best course for this “Qai3dah Nooraniyah”, which is very beneficial for non-Arabs.
    Maryam Center offers classes for Qai3dah Nooraniyah for girls, but they take the girls from age 5-6 years.
    Meanwhile you can either get a private teacher for her to teach her the Qai3dah, along with helping her to memorize small soorahs from the last Juzz'(part) & some du3aa’.

    May Allaah make your daughter coolness of your eyees & guide her & make her from those who memorized His book.

  70. Assalamu alaykum sister Rehana

    Please see the page “Q-mysap” they have Saturday program for boys.

    Also please check with Fanar, they introduced a Saturday course for boys, will try to get the updates from them & post here inshaaAllaah.

  71. sister Nuzhath

    Assalaamu 3Alaykum, Please enroll your daughter for Qai3dah Nooraniyah course for girls, at Maryam Center. This is inshaa’Allaah first step to memorization of Qur’aan.
    This course teaches the correct pronunciation & Arabic letters. You can also enroll your daughter for Islaamic studies girls program at Maryam Center. Its only once a week
    All new registration & classes will start from September 2013

  72. rasheeda abdul razak said:

    Dear sister do you have any quran learning classed in ramadan?

  73. rasheeda abdul razak said:

    assalamu alaikkum

    i want to learn quran learning with tajweed, & i want to learn arabic courses.
    When will you start your classes? i prefer for week ends.

  74. no sister, all the centers are closed during Ramadaan, will open for new registration about Eed inshaaAllaah

  75. wa alaykum assalaam

    sister, all centers will open after 3Eed for registration, please keep visiting after Ramadaan for updates & registration details.

  76. rasheeda abdul razak said:

    Dear Sister, Salam

    Thank you.

    i will go for vacation on eid will be back on September, is it possible for new registration?

  77. Assalamalaikum was rehmatullahi was barkatahu……
    I want to learn quraan with there any centers located near bin Omran area..

  78. sami fahad said:

    As salaam alaikum,
    I would appreciate any new notification regarding registration for arabic course as well as weekend course for girls in markaz maryam as i am keen on getting admission this year for myself and my daughter, and i will be going on vacation and ll b back InshaAllah by aug end.
    thank you.

  79. Arabic classes or teacher for kids and female

  80. Assalamualaikum,
    I need some information about centre of learning quran for boys. My son is 7 years old.
    I leave at muaither area, any centre that located around muaither area? Thank you

  81. hina shahid said:

    any urdu classes for female

  82. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    sister Falak

    There is Markaz Ahmad Bin 3Ali in Gharafah area, near Bin Omran. I am trying to get the updates about registration & new classes. will keep you updated inshaAllaah.
    I have added you to our mailing list, you will receive all kind of information & notification about new classes by email

  83. For Female, there are classes in Maryam Center & Fanar.
    For kids, there may be some private teachers. will try to search inshaaAllaah.

  84. As Salam Alikum
    I just came here n want to learn Arabic can u pls guide me where to go,I live in old airport area n want to find a place near to my house.

  85. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam sister Almas

    sorry for the late reply.
    You can either go to Fanar or Maryam Center to learn Arabic. I don’t know about any center near Old Airport. if I get any information, will inshaaAllaah let you know.
    You can also join Mahad Lughat (language institute) for learning Arabic.

    Also will be adding soon inshaaAllaah about online Arabic classes, you can join that if you like.
    jazanaa wa iyyakum

  86. assalaamu alaykum sister Hina

    sorry for the late reply. Yes Maryam Center has a weekly Urdu class, please click below for all details.

    Also Fanar is starting a course in Urdu for sister, You can read all details here.

  87. rashihameed said:

    assalamualikum .this is the first time i met this site.iam a mother lives in muaither with my family.i was searching for a tajweed class and an arabic learning a non-arabic.if u can tell any place close by muaither in between 7.30 am to 11am,coz of my sons’ schooling.plz it will be a great help.jezakalla.

  88. Wa alaykum assalaam sister Rashi

    There is a center in Muaither. I will try to get information about it.
    You can also try Markaz Mozah, its @ Al-wa3ab Area, (not so far from Muaither). They have morning classes for Non-Arabs.

    Also there is another center, @ Al-wa3ab recently started tajweed classes for non-arabs. I will get the information in few days & will update inshaaAllaah.
    For Arabic, you can either join Fanar or Markaz Maryam.
    Feel free to contact for more information.

  89. is there any al khor branch???

  90. rashihameed said:

    Salam thanks for the information.plz can u give me the details about newly started class also. The time and other details or a contact im trying my best to improve my Arabic reading in that there is a tajweed lesson also it says that they will conduct classes through Skype is it good to have a class like that.coz they asks mobile number and all the informations.scared to give the information. If u can plz check it is recommended or not. I will be very thank full to u. jezakallah

  91. Assalamualikum sister
    Iam looking for quran classes for boys in wakra pls do help me .
    Jazak allah Khair

  92. Assalamu alaykum

    There is a center in Al-khor that teaches Qur’aan & Arabic language to no-Arab ladies & girls. I am waiting for their reply. will inshaaAllaah update you

  93. Assalamu alaykum

    I am residing in QF educational city area close to al rayyan, I am looking for a female Arabic tutor to teach Quran and memorization . I have 4 kids at home , 3 girls and 1 boy. I would like someone to come home and teach after 4 pm. I have been looking for a tutor from many months now.
    Your assistance in this is highly appreciated.


  94. Wa alaykum assalam sister Sabah

    sorry for the late reply. I will try to find out if there are any tutor available in that area. Most of the tutors prefer to teach in their homes. InshaaAllaah will keep you updated

  95. assalamwalykum
    i am Looking for a arabic classes located in al khor if any one can help please let me know soon.
    Jazaakallah khair

  96. As salaamu alaikum. I am from South Africa and looking for either a tutor to teach my 5 year old daughter quran or a class that she can attend on a daily basis. I am living in Al Sadd area. Jazakallah Khair.

  97. Assalaamualaikum,

    My son is 6 Yrs old and we (non-arabs) would like him to memorize Qur’an with tajweed. Could you pls help us with the details of the organisations or institutions?

    May Allah (swt) bless you the best in both the worlds.

  98. Wa alaykum assalam sister, sorry for the late reply

    Aameen to your du3aa’.
    Please see the below link.

    You can try Markaz Furqan. Many non-Arab boys are memorizing Qu’ran there.

  99. Wa alykum Assalaam sister

    sorry for the late reply. Maryam Center has Qur’an Classes for girls. New registration will be held in June or August. I will add you to our mailing list to receive all notifications.
    You can also try to get a private teacher for now for your daughter.
    jazana wa iyyakum

  100. Wa alaykum assalaam

    I don’t have any info about any classes in Al-Khor.
    Mean while keep visiting, I will update about online classes for brothers and sisters in-sha-Allaah
    jazanaa wa iyyakum

  101. Asalam o Alaikum Brother,

  102. Assalamu alaikum,

    I would like to know how to remove an old comment which I wrote.

    Please help me if anyone knows how?

    Jazakum Allah khair

  103. maria amjad said:

    Assamulikum… I live in al.khor city.I am looking for an institute providing tajweed..fiqah&tafseer.or anyone who is doing privately. Please provide me with the information soon.Jazakallah khair

  104. farhanaaz said:

    Assalamu alaikum…plssss let me know the details about the tajweed course in fanar…I would b very thankfull…

  105. Arif Budiman said:

    Assalamualaikum Waroh matullohi Wabarokatuh,

    Brother, I would like to register my two daughters( 11 and 14 years) in Maryam Center for tahfiz Al quran and my son (9 years) as well, where can i get those for free or pay in doha, please l need your help, Jazakallohu khair.

  106. wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    Brother Arif, kindly contact Maryam Center at their email address (
    The kids’ program there is closed for registration as registration was done before Ramadaan.

    You can enroll your daughters and son in QMYSAP, but they do not offer Qur’aan.
    you can read more about QMysap here

    will add your email address to our mailing list to receive all updates via email.

  107. asslamalikum i am from india we want lern arabi memorizing quran so please where i will do this

  108. Mohamed ismail said:

    Assalamu Alaikum… I need to memorise quran, am leaving in Riyadh. please send me the contact details.

  109. I’m living in Alkhor and interesting in learn about Quoran, Islam at the same time learn Arabic. Can I get the contact number of Center in Alkhor? Thank you.

  110. Assalamalykum . I am new to qatar and I am learn quran I am living in al saad. If any institute close to here please advice me.

  111. wa alaykum assalaam sister Nelofar

    Please contact AlFirdaws Program. They are starting their classes this week and few seats are available in their Qur’an, Arabic and other courses.

  112. assalam -0- allaikum… do u have any institute in jeddah for Tajweed?? i m non-arab

  113. Assalamu alaikum
    Where can i learn quran in malayalam .

  114. I moved to qatar few months ago and looking for a quran teacher for my 6 years old daughter, to take lessons at home. Arabic is not our native language and my daughter is learning to read quran from basic including tajweed.
    Please let me know if there is any institute close to qatar university or any quran teacher can come to my house, as I live behind qatar university.
    Jazakallah khair


  115. sorry brother for the delay in replying.

    There are few teachers that do private lessons. Please ask your wife to join QMuslimah group on Facebook, they have more information about private classes. I will see, if I can get any info, will update in-shaa’Allaah

    wa iyyakum

  116. Assalamualaikum,

    please suggest hifd quran learning institutes near by wakrah for elder girls.

    jazaak allah khair

  117. assalamu alaikum! kindly confirm if u have any Quran classes in Al Wakrah for boys. i am a non arab.

  118. Wa alaykum assalaam

    I know Markaz 3Abdullaah 3Abdul-Ghani in Wakrah. but do not know if they take non-arabs.
    Also there is Daar Khadijah between Old Airport & wakrah area. Will try to ask around in-shaa’-Allaah

    jazaana wa iyyakum

  119. Muhammad Naseem said:

    Salaam Alaikum. I am Muhammad Naseem from India now in Qatar since last one year. I want to learn Arabic. Do you have any centre in Muaither. I m staying near Aspire Zone park. Please give me if you have any contact number. Thanks.

  120. Assalamualaikum, I am looking for tahfiz school where also have academic silibus. Can you suggest one school/centre like that

  121. Wa alaykum assalaam brother Muhammad Naseem,

    There is Fanar, which offers Arabic classes for men & ladies. You can see contact details here

    Also there is Language institute (Mahad Luggaat), which has differets levels of Arabic. You can ask about details from the inquiry

  122. Female quran tutor with tajweed is available near al sadd

  123. As salam
    I come across your very informative web. I am from malaysia.
    I have 20 students aged 13 years old.they are now memorising alquran in our tahfiz school. The progress is average 10 juzuk. My problem is that previously we have plan to send them to yemen to mastering and practising arabic as well as quran memorising. So that they understand the quran and can deliver to ummah.but the journey to yemen is not save i seek your kind help to introduce me the mosque that doing waqaf that can accept them for 3 months to teach them arabic. I also would like to offer for any school of tahfiz on your country to have exchange student programme with that they can learn the way of our brothers life in whole world…they can experiance it and enrich their knowledge.. hope to hear from you.jazakallah hairan kathira..

  124. Nurlaini said:

    Assalamualaikum. I am learning tajweed and tahfizh quran in Markaz Maryam centre abu hamour now, in shaa allah I will move to Alkhor at the end of July, is there any centre for non arab in Alkhor or Ad Dakhira? Jazakillah khayr.

  125. I like tahfiz al quran in old airport but I am sorry I didn’t find numbers of please try to helps me Thanks

  126. Assalaamu Alaikum. there any memmorisation classes near industrial area or Abu hamour for 4 year old boys ?

  127. Do let me know if there is a place for Qur’an memmorisation for 4 year old boys.

  128. Ummu Faris said:

    Asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

    As these blog post are quite old, I was wondering if you know whether Markaz Maryam ibnta imraan or any of the other marakiz are running Arabic for women from September 2015? inshAllah

    Jazakallahu khairan and may Allah accept this from you

  129. Wa alaykum assalaam sister Naza

    sorry for the late reply. I was away from work.
    As far I know, there are no such centers/schools. You can enroll your kids in evening hifzh classes.
    other option is to make them memorize Qur’aan first, (in a year or two, it can be done bi-idhn-illaah. and then enroll them in a good school

  130. Wa alaykum assalaam sister Nurlaini

    sorry for the late reply.
    There are few Tahfeez center in Al-khor. You can check their Al-khor community page of facebook. I heard about a center and will try to get information and update here.
    If you find any good centers for non-arabs in Al-khor. kindly send me info, to add on the blog, so more people can benefit in-shaa’-Allaah

  131. Assalaammu alaykum sister sabeena

    Markaz Furqaan may accept boys of 4 years, but contact them directly on the given numbers here.

    wa iyyakum

  132. Wa 3Alaykum assalam sister Ummu Faris

    The blog posts/pages are updated on a regular basis.As soon, as I receive any info from the marakiz, I try to update here on the blog.
    This page (Center for non-arabs) is only about the different centers in Qatar. Main info is on the centers’ pages.

    Please see the Main Markaz Maryam’s page for updated information.

    Aameen to your du3aa’ and jazaana wa iyyakum

  133. Yes .Markaz Mariyam has arabic course twice a week , Mondays and Wednesdays 8 to 10 am . They have weekend class too on Saturday 10 to 12.

  134. assalaamualaikum , my son is just 3 years , i want teach him how to recite quran , please help me to find a good place to send him, we lives in maither

  135. sohail munir said:

    I am non arab and living at shahaniyah.i want to learn arabic language.i have contact at fanar institute but they have give any positive response,someone also told me about mahad al lughat near ramada signal.plz help
    jazaak ALLAH

  136. Can you please provide more details about Dar al Khadijah center, their location or contact number . Thank you

  137. IS there any quran study center in rayyan area

  138. Asc jzk for all of this, I’m a brother living in Norway and I wanna study quran tajweed and some islamic knowledge, what advice should u give me?

  139. Yameen Qureshi said:

    اسلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    i want to learn quran tajweed and arabic language and islamic course
    so help on this
    how i get this

  140. I m in alkhor I have two kids 1st is 3 year & 2nd is 2years .. I want to hafiz quran to both of them……

  141. Can i get the contact number of Dar Al Hikmah Center plzzz

  142. Assalaamu alaykum sister Malaika

    sorry for the late reply. There is a center in Al-khor for children, but I do not have more information about it, if they take so young children. You can get a private Qur’aan teacher for them. Start with the Qaa3idah Nooraaniyah, as it teaches the basic letters and pronounciation of each letter.

  143. Assalaam alaikum , my son 3 years old I am living muaither , I want some one who can teach him letters and pronunciation, and also thajveedh. Please to get the center or private qaaree

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