The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

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“For you is an Appointed Time”


“And for you is an Appointed Time”

[3Umar ibn 3Abd al-3Azeez]

خطب عمر بن عبد العزيز
آخر خطبة خطبها فقال فيها

3Umar ibn 3Abd al-3Azeez (rahimahu-Allaah) said in his last khutbah:

[يا أيها الناس]

O people,

إنكم لم تخلقوا عبثاً
ولم تتركوا سدىً

Indeed you have not been created for mere play
Nor will you be left in vain

وإن لكم معاداً
ينزل الله فيه للفصل بين عباده

And for you is an appointed time
Wherein Allaah will descend to judge between his servants

فقد خاب وخسر من خرج من رحمة الله
التي وسعت كل شيء

Truly the failure is he who has left the Mercy of Allaah
which has encompassed all things

و حرم جنة عرضها السماوات والأرض

And who has been forbidden from Paradise,
its width as wide as the heavens and the earth

ألا ترون أنكم في أسلاب هالكين

Don’t you see that you are indeed in a destroyed plunder

وسيرثها بعدكم الباقون

And those after you shall inherit it

كذلك حتى ترد إلى خير الوارثين

Like that it will be, until it is returned to the Best of Inheritors (Allaah)

و في كل يوم تشيعون غادياً ورائحاً إلى الله

And everyday you are going back and forth escorting (someone) to Allaah

قد قضى نحبه
و أنقضى أجله

His term has been settled
And his life is over

أتودعونه و تدعونه في صدع من الأرض
غير موسّد ولا ممهّد

Will you then bid him farewell and call him from the rough and unleveled cracks of the earth?

قد خلع الأسباب
و فارق الأحباب
و سكن التراب
و واجه الحساب

He has left all provisions
And left his beloved ones
He has settled to live among dust
And is due to face the reckoning

غني عما خلف
فقير إلى ما أسلف

He is free from what he has left behind
And in dire need of what he has put forth

فاتقوا الله عباد الله
قبل نزول الموت و انقضاء مواقيته

So fear Allaah O servants of Allaah
Before the descent of death and the coming of his time

و إني لأقول لكم هذه المقالة
وما أعلم عند أحد من الذنوب مما أعلم عندي

Indeed, I say this to you
But none knows as much as I do of the sins (I have) earned

استغفر الله و أتوب إليه

But I seek the forgiveness of Allaah and repent to Him

ثم رفع طرف ردائه و شهق
ثم نزل فما عاد إلى المنبر حتى مات

رحمة الله عليه

He then lifted the ends of his cloak and weeped.
Then he got down and did not return to the minbar until he passed away.

May the Mercy of Allaah be upon him. Aameen

Translated by sister Farhia

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When My Lord Asks Me…

روى ابن الجوزي عن أبي حامد الخلفاني أنه قال لأحمد بن حنبل رحمه الله: يا أبا عبد الله هذه القصائد الرقاق التي في ذكر الجنة والنار أي شيء تقول فيها ؟

فقال : مثل أي شيء ؟ فسرد له الرجل تلك الأبيات

وهو يقول : إِذَا مَا قَــال لِـــي رَبِّي أَمَّا اسْتَحْيَيْت تَعْصِيْنِي

“فقال:”أعد علي”قال:فأعدت عليه،فقام ودخل بيته ورد الباب

واصبح له نحيباً من كثرة البكاء.
وقال تلامذته بكى الإمام حتى اصبح لهُ صوتاً
كبكاء الطفل حتى كادَ يهلك من كثرة البكاء.

Poem that made Imaam Ahmad cry

Ibn al-Jawzee mentions in his book that One of the students of Imaam Ahmad asked him: ‘Yaa Abaa 3AbdAllaah, what is your view about these odes (poem) which mention Paradise and Hell?’

He asked, ‘Like what?‘ He said, ‘They say:

When my Lord asks me..
Are you not ashamed to disobey Me?….

He asked him to repeat it & he did it again. Then Ahmad stood up and went into his house and closed the door behind him. The student said, ‘I could hear him from inside the house weeping like a child, it was as though he would die from crying:

This was what recited to him (1)

may Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3aala make my scale heavy with good deeds on the day of Judgement & enter me to Jannah without accounts. aameen

 أَتَيْــت إِلَيْك فَارْحَمْنِــي وَثقــّـل فِي مَوَازِيْنِي

I have come to you (in repentance) – so have mercy on me, and make heavy my scales (with good deeds)

وَخَـفَّف فِي جَزَائِــــي أَنْت أَرَجـى مِن يُجَازِيْنِي

And lighten my account – You are the best of who will bring me to account.

Download the poem (Arabic & English) pdf

(1) “Munaaqib of Imaam Ahmad by Ibn al-Jawzee, page: 205
(Dhayl Tabaqaat’l-Hanaabilah, 1/53)

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A Talk with the Self

Labbayk Allaahumma Labbayk

As I pack my belongings….. and get ready for this great Journey
I cry with gratitude..…once more You’ve blessed me
Tears flowing… ecstasy my heart flies
My soul sings….my whole being cries
Labbayk Allaahumma Labbayk

But what are these words….. what do they really mean?

Do I appreciate them?… Do I just repeat what I’ve seen?
Do I really understand….
Do I even comprehend….
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

Labbayk means I am here, Ya Rabbee…..I respond to Your call
With a heart full of hope….for that Mercy that envelops all
I’m here to serve You……I’m here to comply
To You I submit……until the day I die
Labbayk Allaahumma Labbayk

Labbayk means total devotion…..submission to Allaah Almighty
Labbayk means sincere obedience and commitment completely
Labbayk means surrender
…for now and for ever
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

Labbayk means I’m sorry… sorry for all my past
Sorry for my mistakes and my shortcomings of last
I beg You, ya Allaah…..please forgive me
I repent to you, O Maulaa……do accept me
Labbayk Allaahumma Labbayk

Labbayk means to change..…so that I live my life for You
Whatever I say and do, from now on will only be to please You
I will give up my evil ways
I will fix my nights and days
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

But Labbayk also means…….I love you, Ya Rabbee
Nothing else matters….but that You’re pleased with me
Its Your Pleasure that I seek
Though I’m so sinful and weak
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

Head bowed low…. remorseful, and so full of fear
I am ashamed of my life….repentant, as I stand here
Yearning your forgiveness
I cry out in wretchedness…..
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

Will I change for the better….will I turn my life around?
Or will I succumb to temptation, wherever it is found?
When will I even begin to see
The faults that are so obvious in me?
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

I’ll stop dealing in Ribaa….. I’ll give up my Haraam earning
I’ll wear the Hijaab…… no more lying , no backbiting
Never a single prayer will I neglect
My character, I’ll make…upright and erect
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

Don’t let me become heedless, I pray….Don’t let me forget
All the promises I’ve made, Ya Allaah….all the goals that I’ve set
Keep me strong, keep me steadfast
Let this feeling in me, forever last
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

For I don’t know when I’ll die and I don’t know where it will be
But I hope I am in Ihraam….when the Angel comes to me
‘Cos if I die so, the Prophet told you and me
when raised from the dead, my first words’ll be..…
Labbayk  Allaahumma Labbayk

written by Asma bint Shameem

May Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3alaa give us the opportunity to go for Hajj.  Ameen  

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A beautiful Hadeeth about Hajj

Hajj Resources

3Eid is a day of happiness…but for who?

As he took his seat, on 3Eid morning for prayer

he began to think….. he started to despair

The month of Ramadaan, it just slipped away

A whole month that passed by, as if only a day

He sat, going o’er the days, that were no more

And the blessed nights, that were gone for sure

Searching …through the pages of his life….to find

any good deeds so as to console, his restless mind

He knew there was not much, for him to see

but he was hoping for some thing, that just might be

He looked at his record of Qur’aanic recitation

But alas, there was not even one whole completion

His eyes filled with tears, as it dawned upon him

Whatever little he read, was without comprehending

What good is that reading, if he didn’t understand?

How then, could he follow Allaah’s Rules and Command?

He read like a parrot, without stopping to contemplate

how he wasted, this golden, perfect chance to educate

With grief, he turned to his record of giving and charity

but he realized how severely he lacked in generosity

He didn’t give enough, except for just a little bit

Though Allaah has blessed him, he didn’t part with it

Even the obligatory zakaat…such a big burden it seemed

I wish I had given more….how his aching heart screamed

Then sadly he turned….to look at his daily fasting

It was simply a ritual…. there was no implementing

Though he controlled his hunger, he didn’t control his tongue

He cursed, he swore…. he lashed out at all, old ‘n young

O how he looked at the haraam and listened to the forbidden!

How could he forget…from Allaah there’s nothing that’s hidden?

Even in the last ten nights, he made a half-hearted attempt

How he preferred his bed and its warm comfort instead!

And then an awful voice, started screaming inside him

as the reality of his dire situation, dawned upon him

Why didn’t he exert himself…..why didn’t he do more?

Why did he succumb to temptation? Is that what he’s really here for?

As he looked around, at all those around him

Smiling and happy, with new clothes upon them

He thought to himself…. his clothes were new too

But that’s not why they were happy, that much he knew

Then a question appeared in his mind…. a question so true

That surely, 3Eid is a day of happiness, but for who?

Is it for those wearing new clothes or for those of you

Who strive hard in Ramadaan, as best as they can do

For those who do good deeds, hoping for Allaah’s Pleasure

And for those who are saved, from His Torment and Displeasure

New clothes is not the reason why they’re so elated

Rather, it’s the prayers and fasting, the taqwa unabated

Big tears of distress rolled down his sorrowful eyes

He cried regretfully as he stifled his weary sighs

I wish I had done more, he said. I wish I had been stronger

I wish I had worshipped Allaah each night, just a bit longer

I wish I had taken advantage, of this great opportunity

to have my sins forgiven, and a chance to earn felicity

With pain so severe, it would split his inside

It broke his heart….as he suddenly realized

This beautiful month is gone….and gone is its beauty

Gone are its fragrant nights….full of Allaah’s Mercy

Yet he also knows, that he should never despair

even if he’s missed a chance, even if he’s been unfair

He knows even after all this, it’s not too late

If he turns to his Lord, He will never repudiate

He will not turn him back, if he repents sincerely

He will forgive him even now, after failing so severely

Thus, a ray of hope appeared, in his heart suddenly

 A desperate prayer rose, to his lips spontaneously

I beg of your Mercy, yaa Rabb, please forgive me

You are the Most Beneficent…so don’t deprive me.

O Allaah I promise, from now on I’ll be good

I will do my best, to please You as I should

I know I didn’t do enough…..even close to what I should have

But whatever little I did….please accept it, on my behalf.

“3Eid isn’t happiness for those that wear new clothes, but it is for those whom Allaah is pleased with of His slaves, and those that were rescued from the great torment.”

by Asma bint Shameem

Remember The Order…To Lower Your Gaze

As the heat gets hotter. as the sun gets brighter

As they take it all off. as their burden gets lighter

When you feel the temptation as they roam half naked

When you think for sure that you just cant make it

Remember O Muslim the perfect instructions

Remember not to give in to those temptations

Through the lure, the enticement and through the haze

Remember the order “…to lower your gaze”

Don’t go to such places, don’t go to the beaches

Remember the lessons ….remember what Islaam teaches

Don’t sit idle in the street nor visit the mall

When you know they are going to bare it all

Now, I know it isn’t easy.. its hard not to stare

Its difficult to look away when its all there

But, don’t feed your lust, nor set it ablaze

Remember the order “…to lower your gaze”

What’s the harm in it, they say. It’s nothing but fun!

If I look at some bodies bathing in the sun!

A lustful look towards the opposite gender

Is all that it takes to set off the trigger

It leads to sin and abomination

It paves the way for fornication

Don’t take it so lightly, don’t think it’s a phase

Remember the order “… to lower your gaze”

Watch out for that arrow..the arrow from Satan
The one you’re warned about’ laden with poison

The arrow that is aimed towards your very heart
When it reaches its target, it leaves a black mark

It infects your heart and leaves it vulnerable
for Shaytaan to take over and do as he is able

Recall the Prophet’s words for he told no lies
“Looking at something forbidden is the zinaa of the eyes.”

Don’t look at anything haraam, that’s what he said
So when temptation passes by, ..just turn away your head

Just lower your gaze,..don’t give that second look
For you never know when you get caught by the hook

A lustful glance, then the talk ..then the meeting
You know what comes next, .after all the flirting

Fornication is major. “Don’t even come near it
It starts with that first look, every Muslim should fear it

So lower your gaze, don’t look at haraam
Strive for good deeds,..they work like a charm

If you are able then do get married
That’s what the Prophet 3alayhi-salaam instructed

Keep voluntary fasts,…they will make you strong
Being a good Muslim, you surely can’t go wrong

A part of his character is the Muslim’s gaze
So fear Allaah as you spend these summer days

Ask Allaah to help you, …you’ll find Him there
And never underestimate the power of prayer

Not only in the streets, remember O Muslim
Lower your gaze when watching television

The shows, ..the sitcoms…the underwear ads
The suggestive scenes….the fashions and the fads

Day in and day out, we watch haraam and yet…
when “Baywatch” comes on, we don’t turn off the set

Did you forget the Day when Allaah will ask you
of every look you cast,….every glance you threw

So where will you hide….what will you do
That Day your eyes will witness against you

Remember, the beauty of this world is temporary
The question is then….will you be able to carry

Your head down,  in front of the Almighty
When you stand on a Day, so long so dreary?

You are the best Ummah….the Model Community
Custodians of Truth….Upholders of Morality

So fight the Shaytaan, stop him in his wickedness
Lower your gaze, ask for Allaah’s forgiveness

And thank Allaah O Muslim and realize
The greatest blessing is a pair of eyes

Don’t use it to disobey Him, don’t earn His Displeasure
For you will be asked what you did with this treasure

It is not too late…to repent….to amend
Start now….by lowering your gaze my friend

قُل لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ يَغُضُّوا مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِمْ وَيَحْفَظُوا فُرُوجَهُمْ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ أَزْكَىٰ لَهُمْ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ خَبِيرٌ بِمَا يَصْنَعُونَ

وَقُل لِّلْمُؤْمِنَاتِ يَغْضُضْنَ مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِنَّ وَيَحْفَظْنَ فُرُوجَهُنَّ

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do. 

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things) & guard their modesty…” [soorah An-Noor, v:30-31]



by Asma Bint Shameem

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Oh My Fingers!

Oh My Fingers!

As usual it was raining outside
The blessed water from Allaah, falling far and wide

I spent my time in my room on my computer
As usual I e-mailed to my sister

Suddenly, there’s pain on my fingers, Yikes!
The pain won’t stop, it just continues and strikes!

I looked at my fingers, what did I see?
WORMS crawling, eating, biting looking squirmy

tearing away the flesh that I adore
My fingers are pretty no more.

Oh no! I quickly jumped from my seat
The worms take my fingers for meat!

I shook my arms, but the the worms ate away,
Biting, tearing my flesh and determined to stay

“Allaah! What did I do wrong?

Why are the worms so strong?”

Then an inner voice said to me
“O Muslim, this is your tragedy.
You wasted your fingers on deeds sinfully.

Was it not you who sent the fake e-mail?
You spread rumours and forwarded tall tales

Your fingers typed in insults towards our Muslim scholars.
You hurt their feelings and harassed the others.

You designed a web page to insult Islaam
Your fitnah are worse than drinking rum!

You even flirted with the opposite sex on cyberspace
You even used seductive words and dirty phrases!

Instead of having meaningful discussions
You come in all ready for sensations.

Have you forgotten when you die?
Your fingers bear account and they can’t lie.

Your mouth will be shut but the fingers will reveal
everything which you typed on the keyboard to kill.

Your fingers keep no secret and speak for all to know
Repent now! Stop typing insults for show!”

I said “I promise! I promise! I’ll stop it!”
Then the rain stopped, the room was lit

My ears drummed wildly, my thoughts full of fear.
When I looked at my fingers, the worms disappear….

(If you belong to the above category, repent now, for our Lord Allaah knows it all)

يَوْمَ تَشْهَدُ عَلَيْهِمْ أَلْسِنَتُهُمْ وَأَيْدِيهِمْ وَأَرْجُلُهُم بِمَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ

“On the Day when their tongues, their hands, and their legs or feet will bear witness against them as to what they used to do.” [soorah An-Noor, v:24]

A Talk with the Self


Oh my self what will calm you?
Can’t you remain patient for a day or two?
I try to contain you but your strength overpowers
But when we die life will seem like hours

So can’t you be patient for part of a day?
And remain steadfast upon the straight way?
The direction you’re taking leads to my worst fears
Of the day we stand for fifty thousand years

No one will joke nor talk nor smile
And the sun from our heads will be at a mile
Nowhere to hide and nowhere to flee
Standing for what seems an eternity

Then the judgment begins and the books will land
Either on your right or your left hand

Oh my self …

Do not become like those who left the right track
And put their left hands behind their back

Oh self

how do you plan to cross the siraat suspended in the air?
Craftier than a fox, sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair?
How do you plan to cross? Or will you cross at all?
The blink of an eye? Run? Or would you rather crawl?

The bad deeds you command will drop you from it
And only good deeds put you back upon it
Oh self it’s a five hundred year-drop suspension
Over a terrible place I’d rather not mention

Oh self…

Do not be fooled by this world and its illusions
And keep in mind judgment, the grave and other conclusions
Oh self wake up! Don’t follow your desire
And ask for forgiveness to avoid the fire

Oh self

keep the commands and avoid prohibitions
And pay close attention to these admonitions
Be amongst those who were the best of planners
Who prepared for the future with good deeds and good manners

Oh self

it simply about your control
Being patient now so as to reach your goal
I don’t mean to put a burden, or put much stress
Just to warn of a day when the limbs confess

Sins add up as you live through the years
Then sadness won’t save you and nor will the tears
Every time you sin the Shaytan is winning
So remember the One against Whom you’re sinning

Oh my self…

Life is short and ends when you least expect it
And then what will you say when you’re resurrected?
The angel of death overlooked you and took the souls of your brothers
And one day he’ll come to you and overlook others

For great rewards plant the righteous seeds
Oh Allah, I seek refuge from the evil of my self and from the evil of my deeds.

A Talk with the Self
Beautiful poem by Brother Kamal El-Mekki about the Nafs.

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A Soul’s Connection to Another

It is narrated from Abu Hurayrah radi Allaahu 3anhu that the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3alayhi wa sallam said: “Souls are like recruited soldiers, those that recognise one another unite in harmony and those that do not recognise one another are at an aversion.” (1)

Abu Hatim said: “The reason that people find concordancy and harmony between themselves (after the Decree) lies in the recognition of two souls. And likewise, their discord and seperation lies in the aversion of the two souls. Hence if two souls recognise each other, they will find familiarity and affection between themselves and if there is aversion between the two souls they will in turn find aversion and seperation between their beings.

Mujahid (rahimahu-Allaah) said: “Ibn 3Abbas radi Allaahu 3Anhu saw a man and said: “Indeed he loves me”. They said, “And how do you know?!”

He said, “Because I love him and souls are like recruited soldiers, those that recognise one another  unite in harmony and those that do not recognise one another are at an aversion.”

Abu Bakr al-Anbari recited:

Indeed the hearts are soldiers enlisted for Allaah
Upon the earth, through affection do they recognise each other
So those at a familiarity are held in harmony
And those enstranged are at a difference

It is narrated from Qatadah (rahimah-Allaah) that he said regarding the verse of Allaah,

إِلاَّ مَن رَّحِمَ رَبُّكَ وَلِذَلِكَ خَلَقَهُمْ

“Except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy and for that did He create them.” (2)

He said: “(Created them) for mercy and obedience. As for the people of obedience, their hearts and desires are unified even though they may be distant from each other (living apart). And as for the people of disobedience, then their hearts are at a discord even though they may be closel gathered and living together”.

Mansoor al-Karizi:

Whatever the eyes and heart behold will be in affection
For neither the heart nor the eyes can be concealed
But they are only two souls, one in view of the other
So one recognises the other and hence they meet

Abu Hatim: The greatest sign that alludes to what a person is like in his daily affair is expressed through whom he befriends and whom he is at enmity with, because a person is on the path of his friend and birds of a feather only flock together. I have never seen something more indicative of another, moreso even than smoke indicating fire, as much as I’ve seen a companion allude to the reality of his companion.

The smart one avoids accompanying the doubtful one and he keeps away from the one whose Deen is questionable because whoever keeps in the company of a people is known by them and whoever lives with a person ends up being attributed to him. A man does not befriend except one who is like him or of his nature (i.e. in character). If a person does not find one to befriend from amongst the people, he seeks out one whose companionship will only beautify him and it will not disgrace him to be known by him. If he sees goodness from him, he counts it (and remembers it), and if he sees a bad thing he conceals it for him, and if he remains silent over it he’s the first to speak about it to him, and were he to ask of anything he would give it.

Indeed, from amongst Mankind is one who if a person were to see him, he would be amazed. And if he got to know him more, his amazement would increase. And from amongst them is one who has an aversion to another upon seeing him, and getting to know him only increases him in hostility. Their agreement is due to the agreement of their souls from aforetime, and their aversion is due to their souls’ aversion.

If two souls meet in affection and are then forced to depart with the departure of life without any hateful event or they depart due to death, then that there is shocking death and grevious pain. There has never been a moment of such prolonged grief, such apparant loss, lasting sorrow, deep sadness and lament more so than when two brethrens or beloveds are seperated.

And no-one has tasted a taste more bitter than when two close friends are seperated and it’s all over.

I wonder at the one who extends his right hand
To his beloved at the time of seperation and he hastens therein!
I felt weak and incapable of saying farewell when I saw him
So my heart shook his hand whilst my eye wept.

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Souls are like conscripted soldiers


From book “‘Gardens of the Intelligent & Journeys of the Virtuous’” by Ibn Habban
Translated by Farhia Yahya
(1) Saheeh Muslim
(2) Soorah Hood, v: 119

Ahad, Ahad !!

Ahad, Ahad !!

Why shed these tears of sorrow?
Why shed these tears of grief?
Yaa nafsy how soon you forget,
After trials come sweet relief

Why turn you from Ar-Rahmaan?
Why yearn for a listening friend?
Yaa nafsy, do you not remember,
On Allaah, you must depend?

Have you not read those stories,
Of the trials in days gone by,
Of the Sahaabah beloved by Allaah,
Who for Allaah’s cause did strive?

Why loosen your hold upon Him?
Why fling away, His outstretched Hand?
Ya nafsy, do you not remember,
Bilal’s Sabr on the blazing sand? “

“Ahad! Ahad!” He cried,
While his flesh did drip and burn.
“Ahad! Ahad!” He cried,
To Allaah alone he turned.

Have you forgotten the firmness of Hamzah,
As the gleaming swords did fall?
With Sabr he turned to Allaah,
As the Quraysh did slice and maul.

Why drown in salty tear drops?
How can you dare compare your pain?
To that of Yasir and Summayah,
As they lay tortured on the scorching plain?

Have you forgotten the charring of Khabbab,
As on burning coals he lay?
Yaa nafsy how meager your suffering,
Wherefore do you lose your way?

Why befriend you not Al-Wali?
Why not in Salaah to Him complain?
Like Job who only to Allaah,
Turned in all his grief and pain?

Forget you that trials in this life,
Cleanse your heart and make it clean?
Yaa nafsy, why all this sadness?
Do you not wish your heart to gleam?

Be patient in all your hardships,
Allaah hears your cries of woe.
So trust Him and His Hikmah,
For He knows best and not you.

So tighten your hold upon Him,
Lest He withdraw His outstretched Hand!
And remember the example of Bilal,
As he lay anchored on the blazing sand.

“Ahad! Ahad!” he cried,
While his flesh did drip and burn.
“Ahad! Ahad!” he cried,
To Allaah alone he turned.

Author unknown

Poem on music

O Muslim, lawful things have good attributes

Where is the good in singing, dancing and listening to flutes?

Can we compare the words of singers and sounds of Musicians

To the Glorious Quran, its lessons, wisdoms and admonitions?

How many singers do you know and give admiration,

And how many do you know of the companions and the following generation?

How much do you spend on singers from your dollars?

Compared to how many you know of Islamic Scholars.

Do you see how much is memorized of Music songs?

While you ignore the book to which memorization belongs?

How much do you memorize of these incantations?

And swayed back and forth in intoxication?

Have you not seen those who follow the misguided?

And increase the loudness of the Music, when they should hide it?

And who writes their songs? thinkers, or men of academia?

Or maybe scholars, like Ahmad, Malik or maybe ibn Taymiyah.

O you who listens to music..

Don’t you see that All the songs of the world and all the lyrics you’ve seen

Wouldn’t compare in reward to Alif Laam Meem.

by Kamal El Mekki

Close your eyes…

Close your eyes and imagine this
Eternal bliss,
your every wish,
at your finger tips
and more…

Perched on a throne, near a stream
So serene, and exquisite a scene
You’ve never seen
Yet you still dream
of more….

Gone is grief, gone is fear
Gone is pain, gone are tears
Idle speech you shall never hear
And the Prophets make up your social sphere
and more…

The martyrs, righteous and truthful too
You are from them, and they from you
They held tightly to what they knew was true
To accompany them, you did too
there’s more..

Maidens, chaste, who restrain their gaze
Lost in a glance for days and days
Fun and frolic, as a child plays
Where the breath that leaves your lips is praise
of the One that gave you more

Imagine you and your father, with ages the same
Imagine showing off your book with no shame
Imagine nights with the Companions, with their stories to entertain
Imagine Muhammad (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) knowing your name
What could be there more..

Gardens underneath which rivers flow
A goal so far, and yet so close
A journey worth taking, for those who know
Do you not wish to go..
for more?

For all the bounties, all the grace
All the pleasures, sights, smells and tastes
Will be forgotten, without a trace
as if frozen in time and space
When you see His Face

What an excellent Master, of a miserable slave
You forgot and He forgave
He gave you guidance, you still strayed
You asked for mercy, that He gave
and more…


(Jazaahu Allahu khayran to the author of this poem)

Forgive me when I whine “A reminder”

“Do not look to those above you. Look to those below you, as it will more likely remind you of Allah’s favors bestowed on you.”

[Saheeh al-Bukharee and Saheeh Muslim]

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