The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]


“And for you is an Appointed Time”

[3Umar ibn 3Abd al-3Azeez]

خطب عمر بن عبد العزيز
آخر خطبة خطبها فقال فيها

3Umar ibn 3Abd al-3Azeez (rahimahu-Allaah) said in his last khutbah:

[يا أيها الناس]

O people,

إنكم لم تخلقوا عبثاً
ولم تتركوا سدىً

Indeed you have not been created for mere play
Nor will you be left in vain

وإن لكم معاداً
ينزل الله فيه للفصل بين عباده

And for you is an appointed time
Wherein Allaah will descend to judge between his servants

فقد خاب وخسر من خرج من رحمة الله
التي وسعت كل شيء

Truly the failure is he who has left the Mercy of Allaah
which has encompassed all things

و حرم جنة عرضها السماوات والأرض

And who has been forbidden from Paradise,
its width as wide as the heavens and the earth

ألا ترون أنكم في أسلاب هالكين

Don’t you see that you are indeed in a destroyed plunder

وسيرثها بعدكم الباقون

And those after you shall inherit it

كذلك حتى ترد إلى خير الوارثين

Like that it will be, until it is returned to the Best of Inheritors (Allaah)

و في كل يوم تشيعون غادياً ورائحاً إلى الله

And everyday you are going back and forth escorting (someone) to Allaah

قد قضى نحبه
و أنقضى أجله

His term has been settled
And his life is over

أتودعونه و تدعونه في صدع من الأرض
غير موسّد ولا ممهّد

Will you then bid him farewell and call him from the rough and unleveled cracks of the earth?

قد خلع الأسباب
و فارق الأحباب
و سكن التراب
و واجه الحساب

He has left all provisions
And left his beloved ones
He has settled to live among dust
And is due to face the reckoning

غني عما خلف
فقير إلى ما أسلف

He is free from what he has left behind
And in dire need of what he has put forth

فاتقوا الله عباد الله
قبل نزول الموت و انقضاء مواقيته

So fear Allaah O servants of Allaah
Before the descent of death and the coming of his time

و إني لأقول لكم هذه المقالة
وما أعلم عند أحد من الذنوب مما أعلم عندي

Indeed, I say this to you
But none knows as much as I do of the sins (I have) earned

استغفر الله و أتوب إليه

But I seek the forgiveness of Allaah and repent to Him

ثم رفع طرف ردائه و شهق
ثم نزل فما عاد إلى المنبر حتى مات

رحمة الله عليه

He then lifted the ends of his cloak and weeped.
Then he got down and did not return to the minbar until he passed away.

May the Mercy of Allaah be upon him. Aameen

Translated by sister Farhia

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Comments on: "“For you is an Appointed Time”" (2)

  1. In what state will I be….?
    By Asma Bint Shameem

    Today I share some thoughts with you that run through my head
    This is what I so often think as I lay here on my bed

    What would I be doing and in what state will I be….
    That day when Malak ul-Maut will approach me?

    For surely he will knock on my door, oh so suddenly
    My choice of place or time, it’s not going to be

    On the day that I meet him, what will I do?
    There’s no hiding that day, no one to run to

    What will be my response to him? O What will I say?
    I didn’t prepare for this…please come back another day?!

    Please go back…go back. I’m just not ready yet!
    Just a few more minutes…seconds… any time that I can get!

    I would want to say goodbye but he wouldn’t let me
    I would want another chance but that surely couldn’t be

    When he will come for me, I wonder, will I be in heedlessness
    Worrying little of the hereafter, in my state of carelessness

    Or would I be the one who loves and lives upon the Sunnah?
    Would the last words on my tongue be la illaaha illAllaah?

    Would my kafan be made of silk, being sent from Heaven above?
    Would it be so soft, so fragrant, wrapping my soul with love?

    Or would it be so rough, so ugly, made of fire from Hell
    A wrath, a torment from my Lord, full of nasty smell?

    And what would happen when they bury me, six feet underground
    When they lay me on my bed of dust, with no one else around

    So scared and alone….the thought keeps haunting me
    In what state will I be….when the angels will question me?

    Will I be able to answer them….the questions they will ask
    It seems so easy now….but what a lofty task!

    Will I be scared to see them, will they be of horror to me?
    Will I be able to bear them, when they sit in front of me?

    Will I be able to give them those answers so easily?
    Or will I stumble and stagger….not knowing, confusedly?

    Will I stutter and stammer just like a hypocrite would?
    Or would I be able to respond to them just as a Mu’min should?

    Will my grave be a piece of Jannah, green and open wide…
    with Mercy from my Lord so Kind, my good deeds on my side?

    Will I rest in my grave ever so peacefully?
    Or will my grave be a wretched place of torture for me?

    I pray my grave is not a bed…of torment and agony
    I hope so earnestly that my Rabb will forgive me

    And when everyone will be raised with the rest of humanity
    In what state will I be…..when my Lord will resurrect me?

    Will I be pleased to see my Rabb? Will I be eager to greet Him?
    But more importantly will HE be pleased with me, the Day I meet Him?

    Will my face be black with sin that day or will it be shining white?
    Will my scale of deeds weigh heavy for me….would it be feather light?

    O where will I run then …where will I hide? This is what scares me!
    In what state will I be….when the book of deeds is handed to me?

    Will it be given in my left hand or I will hold it in my right?
    Will I be guided firm on the Siraat; my Imaan so big, so bright?

    Will I be among the wretched or will Allaah be pleased with me?
    In what state will I be…when I stand in front of the Almighty?

    I shudder and I tremble when I think of that Great Day
    When I ask myself…”Am I ready to meet my Lord today?”

    I cry as I lay here….thinking. I shed my wretched tears
    Please forgive me O Allaah, how I wasted all those years

    I sinned all my life Yaa Maalik, Oh how I forsook you
    Unless you forgive me O Allah, how can I meet you?!

    My sins are so heavy Yaa Rabb, I can hardly bear the weight
    But I’m hoping for your Mercy, Allaah, don’t leave me to my fate

    For how long will I live? I don’t know when I’ll die
    But like the prophet said I should expect it so close by

    Let me stop this way of life; let me snap out of this trance
    Let me turn my life around NOW that I have this perfect chance

    ‘Cos today I am closer to my Lord than I was yesterday
    Did it ever occur to me that today could be my last day?

  2. Reblogged this on Master Passion Greed and commented:
    The poetry in here. ❤ I wish if I could approach the arabic text too. 🙂

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