The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

Knowledge International University is offering a great opportunity for new students to apply for a full scholarship to study the entire BA Islaamic Studies degree program without paying the tuition fees.

How to apply for the Full scholarship

To apply for the full scholarship the student will need to complete the following requirements.

1. Complete the KIU Scholarship application form in full.

2. Complete the Manhaj As-saalikeen course and successfully pass the set exams

(Also need to complete an interview)

Scholarship Application Registration:

Registration Dead Line:

Thursday, 5th January 2012

Complete the application form by Thursday 5th of January to register for the full KIU scholarship.

Once the application form has been completed, the student will receive a username and password granting access to the KIU student portal and the Manhaaj As-Saalikeen course.

Scholarship Application Form (click to access)

Course “Manhaj As-saalikeen”:

The completion of this course and exam is mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for the scholarship.

Course completion deadline:

6th January – 20th January 2012

Course Details:

Course material/text in PDF format and 12 audio lectures available in MP3 format.

All applicants also need to take a small test after each audio and a final exam.All tests and the final exam are online based and are multiple choice. Final exam is made up of 60 questions.

A minimum 70% marks or above are required to be eligible for the scholarship.

Limited number of scholarships available.

For more details about scholarship & terms & conditions, click here.

wassalaamu 3Alaykum

Comments on: "KIU Offers Full Scholarships" (7)

  1. Assalamu aleikum
    I registrated in kiu
    May I know is it free?
    N what to do now?
    How to start to study?
    Is it online?
    Just details how to study

  2. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    Yes, they are offering full scholarship (no tuition fees)/free

    If you have registered, you will receive a username & password to study the manhaj as-saalikeen course.
    The course is online & course material is in pdf and audio lectures in mp3.Read the pdf files & listen to the lectures & attempt the tests.

    Hope it is helpful

  3. abdul azeez said:


    i s this course online or we need to this in KSA.

  4. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah

    The courses/degree are online. you can do from any country inshaaAllaah

  5. haji from zanzibar i would like to ask if the university does offer comparative law common law and shariah in master program. wasalam alykum

  6. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah

    As far as I know, the university is offering BA Islamic Studies for now. They do have Masters program for Arabs. But for English speakers, there is BA program only.
    You can check with AOU, they have Master degree program. will add more details about it here inshaaAllaah.

  7. Assalaamu Alaikum, I want to study KIU by Arabic language, Could you please guide me?

    What are the basics required ? Any one already studing the same course here?

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