The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: “Whoever follows a path seeking therein knowledge, Allaah will ease for him a path to Paradise”

The journey undertaken to seek knowledge is indeed a beautiful journey.

Physical, emotional, psychological ups and downs, and the many obstacles faced along the way only add to the flavor of our humble endeavor. Whenever this topic of seeking knowledge is brought up though, we tend to be inundated with ideas of journeys across deserts and rugged terrains, from country to country in pursuit of knowledge.

True, this was the reality for many of our pious predecessors who traveled on long and difficult journeys in order to gain an answer to a certain mas’alah or to study ahaadeeth from a certain scholar. For them, undertaking this task proved to be very exhaustive and often too risky for the common man.


However, in our current situation where technology really has made the world a smaller place, we find that these beautiful pearls and gems of knowledge are actually not that far off.

In most of our communities today, there are at least one or two mediums through which we can attain sound knowledge. These range from regular classes or halaqaat (Islaamic study circles), conferences and Islaamic courses, or simply the many Islaamic bookshops which sell valuable publications in different formats. If however a community is deprived of even these, then there is always that medium which this century has become so famous for.

Yes, it’s that double-edged sword, more commonly known as the Internet.


Despite all these avenues though, we continue to see a general lack in the Muslims when it comes to reaping the maximum benefit from the resources made available to us by our communities. 

I sometimes find that regular Islaamic classes come to a halt because the number of dedicated attendees drops too low. Other times, the response that these fountains of knowledge receive is heart breaking.

It’s quite saddening to see ourselves dreaming of seeking knowledge to a far away land – desiring to undertake and bear its hardship, but we unfortunately fail to show up when our community or Islaamic center provides a platform where we can gain authentic Islaamic education.

Why is it that we wait years to travel abroad, but meanwhile in that time, we do not take advantage of the resources available to us? Not to be misunderstood, making the journey abroad to study the Islaamic sciences is indeed a very rewarding journey and often abundantly fruitful. However, for those not able to undertake that yet, it sometimes becomes an excuse. Some claim that they will soon study abroad and therefore there is no need to attend any current classes. Unfortunately, such people often end up waiting years!

The point of all this is, we need to tread the path of knowledge wherever it takes us. It may take us around the corner or to the next town, where there may be much benefit in the community. It may indeed even take us to the next continent, over deserts and rugged terrains. Wherever it takes us, we need to stay on this blessed track and be firmly steadfast upon it regardless of its distance and length. Indeed, it is as the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi  wa sallam said:

“He who leaves his home in order to seek knowledge, he is in Allaah’s path until he returns [to his home].” [Tirmidhee, Sunan; Nawawee, Riyadh us-Saliheen]

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