The Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu 3Alayhi wa sallam said: "Whoever directs someone to a good, then he will have the reward equal to the doer of the action". [Saheeh Muslim]

As he took his seat, on 3Eid morning for prayer

he began to think….. he started to despair

The month of Ramadaan, it just slipped away

A whole month that passed by, as if only a day

He sat, going o’er the days, that were no more

And the blessed nights, that were gone for sure

Searching …through the pages of his life….to find

any good deeds so as to console, his restless mind

He knew there was not much, for him to see

but he was hoping for some thing, that just might be

He looked at his record of Qur’aanic recitation

But alas, there was not even one whole completion

His eyes filled with tears, as it dawned upon him

Whatever little he read, was without comprehending

What good is that reading, if he didn’t understand?

How then, could he follow Allaah’s Rules and Command?

He read like a parrot, without stopping to contemplate

how he wasted, this golden, perfect chance to educate

With grief, he turned to his record of giving and charity

but he realized how severely he lacked in generosity

He didn’t give enough, except for just a little bit

Though Allaah has blessed him, he didn’t part with it

Even the obligatory zakaat…such a big burden it seemed

I wish I had given more….how his aching heart screamed

Then sadly he turned….to look at his daily fasting

It was simply a ritual…. there was no implementing

Though he controlled his hunger, he didn’t control his tongue

He cursed, he swore…. he lashed out at all, old ‘n young

O how he looked at the haraam and listened to the forbidden!

How could he forget…from Allaah there’s nothing that’s hidden?

Even in the last ten nights, he made a half-hearted attempt

How he preferred his bed and its warm comfort instead!

And then an awful voice, started screaming inside him

as the reality of his dire situation, dawned upon him

Why didn’t he exert himself…..why didn’t he do more?

Why did he succumb to temptation? Is that what he’s really here for?

As he looked around, at all those around him

Smiling and happy, with new clothes upon them

He thought to himself…. his clothes were new too

But that’s not why they were happy, that much he knew

Then a question appeared in his mind…. a question so true

That surely, 3Eid is a day of happiness, but for who?

Is it for those wearing new clothes or for those of you

Who strive hard in Ramadaan, as best as they can do

For those who do good deeds, hoping for Allaah’s Pleasure

And for those who are saved, from His Torment and Displeasure

New clothes is not the reason why they’re so elated

Rather, it’s the prayers and fasting, the taqwa unabated

Big tears of distress rolled down his sorrowful eyes

He cried regretfully as he stifled his weary sighs

I wish I had done more, he said. I wish I had been stronger

I wish I had worshipped Allaah each night, just a bit longer

I wish I had taken advantage, of this great opportunity

to have my sins forgiven, and a chance to earn felicity

With pain so severe, it would split his inside

It broke his heart….as he suddenly realized

This beautiful month is gone….and gone is its beauty

Gone are its fragrant nights….full of Allaah’s Mercy

Yet he also knows, that he should never despair

even if he’s missed a chance, even if he’s been unfair

He knows even after all this, it’s not too late

If he turns to his Lord, He will never repudiate

He will not turn him back, if he repents sincerely

He will forgive him even now, after failing so severely

Thus, a ray of hope appeared, in his heart suddenly

 A desperate prayer rose, to his lips spontaneously

I beg of your Mercy, yaa Rabb, please forgive me

You are the Most Beneficent…so don’t deprive me.

O Allaah I promise, from now on I’ll be good

I will do my best, to please You as I should

I know I didn’t do enough…..even close to what I should have

But whatever little I did….please accept it, on my behalf.

“3Eid isn’t happiness for those that wear new clothes, but it is for those whom Allaah is pleased with of His slaves, and those that were rescued from the great torment.”

by Asma bint Shameem

Comments on: "3Eid is a day of happiness…but for who?" (2)

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum Dear sister
    Jazak Allaah Khair for posting my poem on your blog. I would like to ask you one thing, however. And that is….why does it say “Written by towardshuda” under the titile? It should say “Written by Asma bint Shameem”, right?
    I’m sure maybe it’s an innocent mistake or something like that. 🙂
    Please kindly correct that so that people might not think it is plagiarized. 🙂
    Jazak Allaah Khair
    Asma bint Shameem

  2. Wa 3Alaykum Assalaam wa Rahmatullaah sister Asma

    Thanks for your comments and your query.

    Its not a mistake 🙂 Its the default settings of the themes provided by the wordpress that you see under the title “written by towardshuda”. If you see all the posts on my blog, they say “Written by towardshuda” since my user name(author) is “towardshuda”.

    Each theme (different blogs) have different settings. some other themes show the post with “author ____” or simply as “by __” .

    I have posted your 2-3 poems and few articles on my blog, with your name as the writer :). You can do a quick search.
    Rest assured that inshaaAllaah that I won’t be taking the credit of your writings :). If I copy the article or post from other site, I try to always include author’s name & source/references.
    The rest of the posts are my work
    jazanaa wa iyyakum

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